French beans and tomato farming

Felix Wiyema

Wanguru, Kenya

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Felix Wiyema

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December 2014

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About Me

I grew up in up-country born in a family of eight children, my father was a senior prison office who liked farming while my mother was a farmer too. they trained us to be self reliant that by time I joined form one I left to buy uniform and other personal plus all other school requirements; my father used bought the first uniform and only paid school fees. I was forced to repair shoes for neighbors to get money but when it proofed not sufficient a friend gave me a camera which we were to share profit. after some time God sent my way a good Samaritan who needed water after we gave him water ; he was concerned and offered to sell me a better camera on installments as I use it. I became a student photographer. After completing my fourth form I joined bible school, later received a call into ministry, I joined American Insurance co. as a salesman just to subsidies my income. Later trained as a computer technician. worked for several companies but later in 2008 returned back to Full-time ministry as a missioner and was then posted in Northern Uganda to pioneer a church. I was privileged to work as resident pastor in several churches until God gave me a new assignment to which I registered the ministry in 2013. I resigned to carry on with the new assignment only to have my business investments collapse. My business patterns went underground and I choose to start farming to generate income. Since then I tried vegetable farming which was not profitable; a friend challenged me to do horticulture which I am now engaged in. It has been a great challenge due to lack of funds but God has been faithful all through. I remain committed to the future is brighter than at beginning, now that their is hope for funding.
I am blessed with three children, my daughter wants to train as electrical engineer while my son wants to be a pastor . I enjoy help others realize their potentials and live a fulfilled life.

My Business

Am a farmer planting traditional vegetables, french beans, Water melons and Tomatoes: Due to market demand I plant a lot of kales for supply in learning institutions where I have secured tenders. My income come from the sales of tomato nurseries as well as spinach sukuma wiki (kale) nurseries. I plant cow peace, pumpkins, terere mite plant (managu) Saget for both local and commercial market. I have just recently switched to incorporate water melons after logistic research on the crop its expenses and total returns. As a pastor I also receive free will offerings as well as gifts from friends and well wisher. I use my returns to pay school fees for my children and some orphans, family upkeep, grow and diversify the business, support widows in the church and improving our home.

Loan Proposal

I want to pay for one year lease of 1 acre of land which is near a permanent river and at a well secured venue (School compound) and its also strategically positioned near the highway making it very ideal. The land will be subdivided into four portions to allow rotational farming. First I will use portion of the funds to buy petrol for irrigating and buy fertilizer for the current french beans which are one week old. Part of the funds i will use in land preparation, buying of Hybrid tomato seeds for planting ; hybrid water melon seeds and french beans seeds. I will also use part to facilitate the work by paying the laborers who will assist me and buying of petrol for the water pump for irrigation during the dry season. Also will buy fertilizer and pesticides for proper management of the crop for a better yield. These project is the offer job opportunity to families who will help me work on these farm, it will also help meet the market demand for water melons during the dry season when the fruits are scarce. At the same time I will be contributing the meet the export quarter of fresh standard french beans free of toxins. Apart from improving our living standard as a family, I expect to buy a public address system for the church to make the services more lively. I expect to make over $10,000 within the next 12 month of my engagement.






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Classic Loan

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Jun 20, 2015

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On Time

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17 months

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Service fee: $10.84



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