Fresh fish & dried fish for sale

Ethelo Chiyumba

Siavonga, Zambia

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Ethelo Chiyumba

Member since

September 2020

On-time repayments

34 installments  •  38%

About Me

My name is Ethelo Chiyumba. I live in Siavonga town, in the area of Fishing Camps. I am a married woman with two children. My husband is a fisherman.

My father is also a fisherman and together with my husband, they supply me with fresh fish which I sell at the Fishing Camps Fresh Fish Market.

My Business

I am a fish trader with stand at the Fishing Camps Fresh Fish Market.

I sell fresh fish caught by fishermen from Lake Kariba and I sell the fish to local customers, as well as to visitors from other towns who come to visit Siavonga.

Other than fresh fish, I also dry the fish and I also sell salted fish. I dry fish using traditional methods of drying over a fire. My fish is healthy and tasty.

Loan Proposal

I plan to use the loan to buy 2000kg of fresh fish from fishermen who bring fish to the Fishing Camps habour. The fishermen catch the fish at the islands and I have already ordered my 2000kg of fish which is supposed to come by Tuesday this week.

I order the fish between K20 - K25 per kg. I will sell the fish at K37 per kg to the residents and visitors, who come to holiday in the resort and fishing town of Siavonga.

Income Source

My business is doing fine. This is because our people love to eat fresh fish straight from the lake!

The fish is delicious and tasty and I have many customers who buy from me, some who come from far just to buy my fish.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Sep 8, 2020

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

1 week

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $10.94

Credit risk payment: $5.44

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