Purchase a wood cutting machine for furniture production

Saul Katamu

Kakamega, Kenya

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Saul Katamu

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April 2014

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About Me

my names are saul katamu.i am married with three children two are in lower primary school in kakamega primary school.my self i did not completed high school but i dropped out school from form three.i later joined polytechnic where i learned to make furniture and do constructing of houses but also we own an mpesa which is doing well but just 2months from service.
currently i am doing these work mostly at home as i have not acquired enough capital to own a workshop.
mostly i am being called to construct houses e.g house i.e from from the foundation to completion.
from these and our 2months old mpesa run by my wife we have been able to manage our family, school of our children and also expand my work own carpentry by acquiring the tools for my work .

My Business

Entirely we both depend on our business right from the mpesa and from the carpentry of furniture and construction.these will allow us pay the loan if i succeeded for the loan.
I normally called severally as my work has also been good ans due to the fact that i am a church committee in kakamega which i ope very soon i will also be serving God as a pastor.i am also very talented in singing and i mostly sing sing during our church services and when attending invited meetings.
I would to request a loan from the lenders so that i will be able to to rent a workshop in kakamega an during the times i will not be constructing i will be in the workshop doing some chairs,beds etc hence turn my home workshop to a good workshop in town.
These are goods in demand and USD 150 will comfortably allow me to pay deposit and rent at the same time.
Normally i personally go and agree with the customer on the amount he/she wants to pay me as per the size of the house like ,building a house of 16 iron sheets i require USD of about 100 as i will also pay my workers who will assist me.
every month on good days i get over USD 400 and the mpesa is about us150 on net as it is still new too.
my first zidisha loan will be used to acquire a workshop in the Town.

Loan Proposal

Thank you zidisha and zidisha lenders for doing wonderful to me as you have made me to have my own workshop and here again to go a step forward.
my second zidisha loan will be used to purchase log splitter which i have been dreaming to acquire for a while.a wide range is available but i will purchase one costing USD 300.These acts multipurpose for cutting both logs and timbers at a faster rate.
i will also add timber smoother and a handsaw due to the demand as i have moved to town due to my first zidisha loan which will both range for USD 210.
I will apportion the remaining to our newly improving mpesa for mobile money transfer.
I will trully appreciate the assistance that so far changed my life.
Thank you so much lenders and zidisha micro finance,live long and God bless you!






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

May 27, 2014

Repayment status


Projected term

46 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $638.58 at 1.46% annual rate over 46 months = $35.68

Service fee: $86.26

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