Funding the production of more books

Geofrey Yegon
Langalanga Estate In Nakuru, Kenya
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Disbursed Amount: $234.19
Date Disbursed: Feb 22, 2017
Repayment Status: On Time
Repayment Frequency: Weekly Projected Term: 5 months
Cost of Loan: $11.76
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About Me

I am Geofrey Yegon, born sixth in a family of nine children; five brothers and three sisters.
I started schooling at the age of 5. I attained a primary school certificate, then a secondary school certificate, after which I proceeded for my university studies where I graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.
I was once invited to give a motivational talk to a group of young adult in a church which was far from home. At that time I did not have fare for my transport. I could not decline the invitation but I had to find ways to get funds. I borrowed some money from a friend who conditioned me to refund in two days time. I printed five books, after which I sold I refunded my friend and I got money for my transport. As a result, this is exactly how I came to start the business.
In my culture, I find it very interesting and unique that we drink milk from the calabash itself and not pouring in a cup. This could sound weird but take for breakfast, lunch, evening instead of tea and supper for the whole week.

My Business

I do write books and sell. Each book costs $3. The cost of production for one book is $1.9. So I get a profit of $1.1. I have improved from selling an average of 200 books per month to selling an average of 500 to 1000 books in a month. They are motivational books that touches people's lives. People buy these books because they need spiritual, emotional, and intellectual empowerment. I do this business because I am good at it, I am gifted in writing and I chose to use my talent of writing in generating income.
When I get income I cater for my food, transport, rent and buying house utilities.

Loan Proposal

Hi Lenders, I will use the amount requested to purchase more materials (photocopy papers, inks for machines, cover papers) for my production of books. This amounts 200$. Also transport and labor amounts to 40$. This will increase my sales and revenue. I expect 50% increase of sales and profits return.

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Funding the production of more books

Geofrey Yegon
Langalanga Estate In Nakuru, Kenya

100% Repaid