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Lewis Kamwithi

Nairobi, Kenya

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Lewis Kamwithi

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April 2014

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About Me

My names are Lewis Achiever Kamwithi a man so full of life, confidence and optimism. Being a Second born in a family of four and a sibling to a highly ambitious older brother left me with no choice but match up :-).

In my daily endeavors I never let anything limit what I can achieve, not any circumstances, not any challenges, not any position; I believe the key to success is first believing in oneself, then evaluating the challenges awaiting, the bigger they are, the sweeter the success story. I'm a high risk taker, I have invested in different disciplines, some I make it with the first trial others after repetitive trials and overhaul of approach and strategies. It never is a failure until it doesn’t improve your next time.

I'm very passionate about human kind and spend of 50% of my total earnings to help and change lives. I have been involved in sourcing for education sponsorships for the orphaned and needy up to high school. I have volunteered my time and expertise to many groups and organizations and more specifically to initiatives that target women and their women. With friends we have been contributing, mobilizing and distributing sanitary pads to needy young girls to help them in stay in school during their periods. You can check our initiative on facebook via our page Mfariji Africa. Mfariji translates to one who consoles and calms. This has taken me to so many remote regions in my country and gave me first hand experience on so much. It has improved my social skills by far.

Currently I’m involved together with 2 friends to raising funds to enroll a totally blind orphaned young man to a High school in Kenya. He was due to join in 2010 and for lack of school fees has been languishing at home. Every time I get a deep inner satisfaction.

My hobbies include Taking nature walks, traveling, Soccer, Socializing, Helping the needy, Computers and animation movies. I'm very accommodative and able to interact with almost all kinds of people, I trust and believe we are all unique and despite our weaknesses we all have something to offer. I trust easily, i never learn from the betrayals, I wish I would.

I have studied IT, Entrepreneurship, Little bit of Theology and Counseling and at the moment pursuing Community Development and Project management.

There is so much about me, some that I even don’t know but people do :-) Above all I'm alive and living not alive and existing. Thank you.

My Business

I run businesses allied to Telecommunication and Autos field. I broker buying and selling of motor vehicles, I assist with importation of the same at a commission.
In Telecommunication I have invested in Mpesa (mobile banking) and do give out its sublets at a price of 20% monthly income per outlet. I also sell airtime and Simcards. My focus and urge for funding is the simcards business that has been made better by government’s limitation to who can sell the same. With this I make 100% profits for every order from the official supplier Safaricom. With extra funding I will be able to make more orders hence higher quantity discount.
I would want more funding than my limit but then I’ll use this application to build my reputation and increase my limit as time goes by. Thanks in advance.

Loan Proposal

My intended use of the funds is to maintain and maybe expand the business I have been running, its more like the previous loan application, the only difference is this first paragraph. How different is it? It has new details! A new telecommunication company (Mobikash) has just been established and from the look of things based on flexibility and modification of its products, it will give the major existing company (Safaricom) a run for its money. I have been working with Safaricom and in anticipation for the new competition i'm already working on establishing a contract with the new company too. This means funds will be spend and it is only wise that the new spending won't affect the performance and running of the existing business. In that I need funds to make sure nothing changes. Thanks. below is what I will do with it, similar to the previous one.

I'll use my loan to order more simcards Stocks. Buying Price is $ 0.688 per piece and selling price is $ 1.29 I sell My stock in less than a month so with the loan i'll be able to make sales of $ 112.23. My profits from this loan will be $ 52.0449. I'll be able to plough back the profits to the business, save more to expand the business to include sale of phones and contribute more to my charity programs.






Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 6, 2014

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On Time

Projected term

4 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $79.75 at 13.88% annual rate over 4 months = $4.23

Service fee: $1.11




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