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Kpelle Guba Muhaimin

Hohoe, Ghana


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Kpelle Guba Muhaimin

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January 2015

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About Me

I am Guba Kpelle Muhaimin from Hohoe in the Volta region of Ghana and I'm 21 year old. Have been catering for my self since I got to high school and my parent became incapable of taking care of me because my Dad who has been single parenting me lost his job.

I searched for a job and thank God I got one, a shop attendant. I worked for a sometime to accumulate money for my school and from this job that I used to pay for my fees and to purchase my books.

In the community I come from they frown upon people who haven't really been able to attain education at least to the Senior High School no matter the reasons you give and this has been my motivation that has fueled my ability to assist myself in education.

My Business

I currently do not run a business of my own. I work as part time whiles in school at a club distributor depot.
The more reason I am after this loan is to ease the pressure on the money I get from the depot as it is not always enough to support my university education fully.
When I get this loan I shall use 50 dollars equivalent to 161 cedis to purchase my books and equipment for class. This will aid in my performance in class as it is a great worry for me. The remaining money I will use to pay for transportation as it is far from home to the university campus. And also use it to purchase some food too for my upkeep.
I will be repaying the loan gradually through the money I make from working at the depot.

Loan Proposal

The semester is about to come to a close with just six weeks left and as a requirement every student is expected to present a project at the end of the semester.

My project entails sampling the public opinion of Ghanaians on how bad the economy is right now. In this project i have formed a team of three who would assist in getting these opinions. I shall go round a number of randomly selected areas in the country to find out their thoughts on the Ghanaian economy and how we can go ahead to solve this.

Godwilling if this loan is funded i shall use half of it which is equivalent to 300ghc to take care of the transportation of the team to the selected areas. 100ghc would be set aside to handle all printing issues and the remainder 200ghc would take care of shelter if necessary and the feeding of the team.

I hope this loan would be funded in order to assist me in this project as a well done project would receive the general appreciation of the school and kept among its archives and this is the ultimate dream.

Thank you very much.
and i hope my loan shall be funded.
Thank you once more.






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  • Gideon Nimoh    May 19, 2015

    Please I would like to know what has actually gone wrong that this loan got expired.

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  • Kpelle Guba Muhaimin    Apr 20, 2015

    I would like to thank all the zidisha lenders who aided in funding this loan of mine. I appreciate it a lot. This loan is going to assist me in completing my end of semester project and this would not have been possible without you,

    thank you once more.

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    • Benni    May 19, 2015

      It was a pleasure to help a hard working young person in archiving his goal.

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  • Kpelle Guba Muhaimin    Apr 6, 2015

    hello dear zidisha lenders. i am pleased to bring to your attention that my first loan aided me in paying my school fees successfully and in acquiring other class accessories i need for the semester. God being so i have been able to repay this loan on time.
    and i like to say a very big thank you to all of you.

    i am posting a new loan which i propose to use to fund my school project. and i hope my dear and humble zidisha lenders would come through for me.

    than you once more.

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  • Kpelle Guba Muhaimin    Mar 2, 2015

    Would very much like to thank Taylor Hanna for all that she has shared about me with our distinguished Zidisha lenders. It was really a delight to interact with one of Zidisha's own as it made me feel closer to zidisha than ever.

    I would once more take this platform to extend a warm hand of appreciation and gratitude to the zidisha lenders who aided me in funding my first loan and to ensure them that the loan has really changed a lot in life and has made life on campus very easy as compared to previous times.

    Thank you soo much for everything you have done for me. And i hope to repay my first loan on time and thus hope that once that is done i shall be given the chance the go on and post a new loan proposal

    thank you.


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  • Taylor Hanna    Feb 23, 2015

    Dear Lenders,

    I was lucky to get to meet Muhaimin last week at his residence hall near the University of Ghana in Accra, as his lecture schedule lined up with my visit. Originally from Ghana’s upper west region, relocating in his youth to the Volta region (in eastern Ghana), and now living in Accra, Muhaimin has been all over the country.

    He heard about Zidisha from his roommate, Gideon, and was excited at the opportunity to assist with his school fees. Even though tuition itself is paid for at Ghana’s few highly competitive public universities, students must pay significant academic and residential fees upfront and student loans are difficult to obtain.

    Muhaimin’s ultimate goal is to work in criminal law at the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), Ghana’s internal intelligence agency. Right now he is finishing up his bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in geography, after which he hopes to get a law degree. Until then, he’s enjoying studying, life on campus, and playing basketball for the university. He’s incredibly grateful for the support of his Zidisha lenders and hopes to continue to use Zidisha loans to help fulfill his career dreams. We are excited to see where it takes him!

    Thank you,

    Ghana Country Ambassador

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  • Kpelle Guba Muhaimin    Feb 15, 2015

    i have been able to get hold of some extra income and would like to increase my repayment amount.

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  • Kpelle Guba Muhaimin    Jan 13, 2015

    Dear distinguished Zidisha lenders,
    I was more than pleased to wake a morning after my loan application was accepted to see it fully funded. And I know all this would not be possible without you guys. I am highly indebted to you. I would do my best to pay back as soon as possible so I can gain your help should I apply for a new loan.
    Thanks to you guys I can purchase all the books and a few of the items I need for this semester. Thank you soo much and I appreciate it. God Bless You.

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    • Benni    Jan 13, 2015

      Dear Kpelle,
      in the country where I come from, school and university are for free. Because you should have the same possibilities as I have, it was self-evident to help you out with some money for your education.
      It's just a little wind under your wings.

      Thanks for this nice comment you posted.

      All the best!

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    • Kpelle Guba Muhaimin    Jan 13, 2015

      Thanks a lot Benjamin for the good wish and care.
      Wish you strength in all you endeavours.

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      • Kpelle Guba Muhaimin    Jan 14, 2015

        Thanks Gideon.
        You know all these wouldn't have happen without you. Your are the one who invited me in the first place. And I thank you for that. God bless you.

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    • Gideon Nimoh    Jan 14, 2015

      I wish you best of luck with all your endeavors Guba, I am very happy for you too.

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