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Thaddeus Alaro

Nakuru, Kenya

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Thaddeus Alaro

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November 2016

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158 installments  •  37%

About Me

I was born in 1987 in Siaya county in Kenya. I was born in a family of five including my parents. My family consists of two brothers and one girl and my two parents. I started my education at the age of 7 years old in pri-unit and finished primary school and joined high school on 2002 in Ngiya girls. I finished my secondary education on the year 2005 and this was the beginning of problems in my life since my parents didn't have financial support for my collage. I therefore decided to travel to Nakuru town to visit my uncle who was casual worker there. After looking for any job for sometimes i secured a job as a house help in a nearby house within the estate. I was really determined on my future business and therefore,would always saves for my future collage. Eventually I was enrolled in hair dressing collage as a part-time student. After my collage, i got a assistance from my uncle and friends who supported me financially to start my own hair salon shop. This business has really changed my life since,its supporting my family and paying my bills. My salon is within the residential estate and i chose this place after doing research and found out that there was no hair salon around and women and school going girls would walk a distance estate for their hair to be made. Currently my business is doing well and i always serve between three to five customer in a day. I normally serve more customers on weekend since most employed customers and school going clients are at home. I approximately get $30 in a weeks time and this has enables me to pay for my kid education, pay my bills, purchasing of cosmetics,rental and saves for expansion of my business . My daughter would like to be a teacher when she grow up. On my free time, i like swimming,reading novel and watching movies.

My Business

My business is my source of income. I ventured into a small hair salon shop called "Gifted hair salon". Its situated within my residential Githima estate. This business has been my life breakthrough since its supporting my lively-hood. I approximately attends to one to five customers in a day and sometimes up to eight customers on weekends. I also sells some cosmetics for customers who would not come with theirs. I really like my job with all my heart and through determination and hard working would like to expands it to a big company which would even offer employment to some unemployed youth in future. Though it has some challenges like any business, i always overcomes my challenges by wide consultation and research from those who have been in the same business for sometimes. My business is doing well and i approximately makes $30 in a weeks-time and out of experience, i am very sure that this would continue supporting my family, pays my bills and education of my kid. This business has been doing well and i am quite confidence that it will refund the loan you would offer me successfully.

Loan Proposal

In addition of some personal savings,it would enables me purchased the following for expansion of my beauty salon-; five iron sheet at $5 each 500Kes. The five sheets will cost $25(2500kes) I would purchased 5kg iron nails at $10(1000kes) and the labour charge for the labour would be $30(3000kes) I would also increased the stock of weaves,chemicals and lotions at the cost of $50(5000kes).






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jan 27, 2017

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

3 months

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Service fee: $0.72



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