Fencing for my farm

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Date Disbursed: May 21, 2017
Repayment Status: On Time
Repayment Frequency: Weekly Projected Term: 21 months
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About Me

I am smallholder farmer based in Kibomet , Kitale. I am married man with four children. I was born in 1968. After my high school i joined AHITI Kabete for certificate in Animal Health. I was employed in Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization. while on job i did Diploma in Applied Biology. Between 2005 and 2006 in trained in California Polytechnic State University in dairy management anf i was based inLittle Creek Dairy in Hereford Texas. From 2012 to date i have been a student of Egerton University doing Bsc. Animal Health Management. My elder son is a student doing Bsc Geography in Egerton University a second year. My second son is having interest in mechanical engineering. The third son and my only daughter are in their High school. This farm has been so much helpful in household purposes. My wife is a house wife and is the manager of our family farm which we call Glico Shamba Fresh Farms.

My Business

My small farm has the following enterprises: Dairy cattle , indigenous chicken and local vegetables. whose income is Kes 1,400 per month. The Glico Shamba Fresh Farms is an additional source of income apart from employment This money help me on domestic use more importantly the kitchen budget. My training being Bsc. Animal Health Management . This will help me because i have to demonstrate what i train farmers in my animal Health Research. My background knowledge is livestock that is i have more interest in farming. The amount i spent on school fees is enormous there increasing the productivity of my small farm will be of help.In this small farm i will provide eggs, chicken, indigenous vegetable. The unique thing i will be doing is recycling manure from chicken and dairy cows into the indigenous vegetable and Napier grass, most importantly is production of fresh and organic products to neighbor and kitale town. This is basically to increase soil fertility and Biogas for domestic chores.

Loan Proposal

This loan i will use it for fencing my farm to effectively control my livestock, venture into bananas, beans, and vegetables. This integrated crop-livestock farming will be a demonstration to my neighbor as many have started horticultural, bananas, and sugar cane as a result of Glico Shamba Fresh Farms. After investing all the loan i ntend to generate 6,000.00 per week from horticulture but bananas later 3,000 per week and sugar cane 80,000.00 per ratton. Milk from the cow will generate, 500.00 per day. Thank you very much zidisha lenders. Kind regards, i will consult more on being a volunteer mentor and deliver best service for our loaning organization. Moses Orembe Ontuga Glico Shamba Fresh Farms, Volunteer Mentor

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  • Colm O Brien     May 16, 2017


    Hi Lenders,

    I haven't previously lent to Moses but I see he repaid his loan early, which is great.

    However, I notice that both of his invitees are VERY far behind with repayments and it's doubtful if the loans will be repaid. Though he invited them he hasn't made many posts here about their failure to repay.

    Best regards,

  • xtrahardware     Jan 1, 2016



  • Markus     Dec 16, 2015


    Well done again ;)

  • Aliyah Paul and Baby     Sep 15, 2015


    Paid on time!

    Thank you

  • Markus     Sep 3, 2015


    All the best to you ;)

    • Moses Ontuga     Sep 3, 2015

      Thank you, it is my hope that i will realize 100 per cent as now i will get my whole loan.

  • dlpringle     Jun 27, 2015


    You're welcome. I am sure you will be funded over the coming days.

    • Moses Ontuga     Jun 30, 2015

      Hello Markus! I am humbled by your positive response to my cause. Its quite interesting that i have been to U.S.A particulary in Hereford TX at Little Creek Dairy and i worked very closely with many many friends of German nationals in GTZ the like of YUNGJOHANN the team leader for the project and Hellen Laqua Project coordinator . Indeed your loans will help in separating Glico Shamba Fresh Farm from a family into a separate
      entity agrobusiness venture. Thanks once more ,Moses Orembe Ontuga.

      • Moses Ontuga     Jul 17, 2015

        Glico shamba Fresh Farms is currently faced with shortage of animal feeds because of from know upto late march no rain!!! Fortunely beside a borehole we are now connected to county government piped water.



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Fencing for my farm

Moses Ontuga
Kibomet, Kitale, Kenya

0% Repaid