Greenhouse expansion to triple the current size

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Date Disbursed: Jul 25, 2017
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About Me

I dropped out electrical engineering class from Moi university in the year 2010. I was forced to drop out of university due to problems in paying my fees but since then i found pleasure doing poultry farming. I was selected to be one of the youths in my county to pioneer a poultry farming project dubbed 'kicking away poverty one chick at a time'. The project, aimed at alleviating poverty among young adults in my county, involved donating one hen, one cock and two chicks to selected youth. With little help from wages i had made working in a local brewing den here in my village where i was paid 2 dollars a day to help in brewing an illicit brew called chang'aa where i managed to buy 2 hens per week.I have since then been successful and I now own close to 200 chicken at any given time. I believe that I can grow my business and take it to the next level. My dream is to be a model poultry farmer in my county, and possibly inspire as many youths as possible to consider agribusiness as a serious and viable business undertaking. With the couple of loans zidisha have given me since year 2014 it has helped improve my farms earnings and am happy to report that i managed to go back to university and got admitted as a second year student in the school of business management, and my hope is that my business will be able to support me through.I also dream to run a multiple number of businesses in the future for instance electronics which i dealt with when i first joined university in the year 2007.

My Business

I rear chicken and I am currently listed as a supplier in a local schools where I supply eggs and occasionally, chicken.I also supply eggs in near local shopping centers close to my home and my hometown too.I currently have 200 egg-laying chicken and I supply 10 crates of eggs per week (300 eggs). This earns me approximately 50 dollars per week. I also occasionally sell an average figure of 10 chicken a week earning 40 dollars. This translates to an average of 350 dollars per month. I also have expenses as follows: chicken feed- 100 dollars, veterinary services- 50 dollars and other miscellaneous expenditure of about 50 dollars. Zidisha has helped me also purchase a chaff cutting machine which has also proven resourceful since it can earn me an average figure of 10 dollars a week from grinding chicken feeds from various farm remains that i sell to my surrounding community.Zidisha loans also helped me acquire a computer set and a printer which has improved the efficiency in my farm more so record keeping of farms sales and purchases.I recently acquired two cows that are yet to be productive.My farm has three casual employees who are currently assisting me to do the farm work and i pay them total of 100 dollars per a month. My personal living expenses have since improved from about 100 dollars to 170 dollars per month.

Loan Proposal

Dear lenders,
First of all thank you for the past loan you helped me raise.As planned things are working out well and indeed i have experienced a good harvest.I did harvest the first bunch of watermelons that i have supplied to retailers who personally come to pick the watermelons from my farm and plus one of my employees is helping me directly sell watermelons in a nearby market to direct consumers.I have realized that i can still supply more greenhouse products to help feed people in residential places within my hometown.I am planning to extend the greenhouse to measure 75 meters by 30 meters that is roughly triple the current size.Apart from watermelons i will also plant tomatoes and onions that have shown a significant rise in demand with a rising population within my hometown.I will have the greenhouse subdivided to three sections for each of the horticultural crops i will venture in.The cost breakdown will be as follows;Ultra Violet treated polythene paper @ 700 dollars,a 1500 litre water tank @ 100 dollars,a drip irrigation kit @ 100 dollars.I will use tree posts to erect the structure.The tree posts will be treated and sealed with polythene bags and this will cost an average figure of 100 dollars including a few steel bars.Just like a did last time to save on the cost of construction much of the work will be done by my casual employees and i will source a few others to help us during the setup that will cost me 50 dollars.Other expenses include;nails @ 30 dollars,seeds @ 15 dollars.I will use manure from my farm and few fertilizer brands and chemicals that will cost approximately 60 dollars .Transport cost and other miscellaneous expenses will be 80 dollars.I managed to raise funds and currently we are manually drilling a well that will boost water supply to the top tanks that will be pumped by an immersible water pump.I plan to repay the loan from earnings within my poultry farm and a little savings i have made this season.I once again urge all lenders to kindly support my loan application and i firmly pledge to repay the loan in good time.

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  • Margaret     Jul 17, 2017


    Edwin is an excellent mentor and businessman. He is a pleasure to work with and I will be happy to lend to him again.

  • Mary     Jul 6, 2017


    Edwin is an excellent borrower. He has a clear vision of where he wants his business to go and has the skills necessary to get there. He is an impressive entrepreneur!

    • Edwin Gitene     Jul 10, 2017


      thank you vision is to be a success in my life and prove to my society that no matter how harsh the conditions are we should never despair.

  • Wendy Emlyn     Jan 21, 2017


    Edwin has made regular payments throughout this loan period, and has fully repaid his loan. An excellent borrower, who has posted several updates

  • Matt B     Jul 25, 2015


    I'm glad this loan was able to make a difference. I wish Edwin continued success with his business.

    • Edwin Gitene     Jul 25, 2015


      Hey,Thank you for your continued support to my farm.It is really great having guys like you contributing to a better society.

  • mlrobert74     Jul 24, 2015


    Good communicator. I would lend to Edwin again.


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Greenhouse expansion to triple the current size

Edwin Gitene
Nyatieko, Kenya

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