To buy stock for my provisions store

Millicent Adukwe

Sunyani, Ghana

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31% funded of $1,847 goal


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Millicent Adukwe


Sunyani, Ghana

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207 weekly installments  •  99%

About Me

My name is Millicent ADukwe. I was born in a village call Yawsaekrom in the Brong Ahafo Region.I was born in 26th of July 1975.I am the last born of my parents.I have four siblings.
I come from the northern part of Ghana but my parents came to Brong Ahafo purposely to do farming. So they were farmer. The proceed from the sale of foodstuff was what my parents used in sponsoring our education My dad died when I was five years old and my mother had struggle in taking care of five children.things became difficult for my mum so my other four siblings became drop out from school. After my national service I secure a job at Capital Rural Bank ltd in the year 2006. I then got married to Mr Kwadwo Appiah who is a barber and a petty trader. God has blessed us with three children.

My Business

I started a soft drink shop last two years January 2015 to support my monthly income. I sell different kinds of soft drinks like minerals, multi fruits drinks, milo drink, voltic water, sachet water and other petty things like candies, bread and biscuits. Sales is very high, I sell about ten to twelve crates of malt and coca cola a days. The location of my business attract more customers. I operate the shop myself in the evening from 7:00 -10:00 pm. My business is located at capital estate near abesim, Sunyani- Ghana.

Project Proposal

I have a plan to purchase 18 bags of rice, the price per bag is GHS300.00 which will amount to GHS5,400.00, I will also purchase 6 boxes of vegetable oil, a cost per box is GHS450.00 which will amount to GHS2,700.00. Finally, I will purchase 50 crates of minerals, a cost per crate cost GHS65.00 which will also cost GHS3,250.00. When the loan is approved I will be able to purchase all items mentioned above to increase my income from 45%to 60%. with this I will be able to pay my wards University fees. Thanks.






Project Info

Project Type

Pay It Forward

Amount requested


Still needed


Application expires

Dec 6, 2021

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $350.85



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Trinidad, California, United States



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  • Asante Emmanuel    Nov 28, 2021

    God bless your work

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  • Christian Golo    Nov 28, 2021

    Continue to show leadership, honesty and high level of integrity in all your dealings.
    I wish you good luck in your fund raising.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    Nov 22, 2021

    The loan really helped increase my income from say 45% to 65%. Due to that I was able to cater for my two wards University fees. One was in the level 2 and the other one was entering into the University. Thanks be to my leaders.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    Dec 5, 2020

    Thanks to all my lenders for the support they been given me. I have received the loan and I really appreciate and promise to pay in time. I will use this loan to purchase grocery to stock up my grocery shop. Thank you.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    Dec 3, 2020

    I will use this loan to stock my grocery shop. The loan will help me to increase my profits by 45%. I thank my lenders very well for funding my loan for me, I really appreciate and promise to repay this loan in full. Thank you.

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  • Ren    Dec 1, 2020

    Dear Millicent: If your loans doesn't fund, please try again! I wish you the best of luck.

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    • Millicent Adukwe    Dec 2, 2020

      Thank you Melkmom, but please lenders, kindly fund this loan for me. My loan still have two days to expires so please consider my repayment records and fund this loan for me. Lenders I'm counting on you.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    Nov 20, 2020

    My previous loan has impacted me to save Ghs2000 which would be used to pay my ward school fees next year. My ward would be entering university next year and many of the basic needs of her has been bought with the help of the previous loan. Thanks to my lenders.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    Nov 17, 2020

    Good evening Julia, I thank you, and your team very much for given me flexible payment term when I was seriously sick and could not even open my grocery shop. By the grace of God I'm back to my feet. I thank you, your team and all my lenders for the extension of the period you gave to me. thank you.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    Sep 30, 2020

    I am not feeling well, I have not been able to open my grocery shop for sometime now. I promise to pay all the arrears when I recover. Thank you.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    Sep 23, 2020

    Good afternoon Julia, I would like to plead with you and your team to add the risk charge amount to the principal so that we can pay it in instalment rather than charging it out front. When it is deducted from the principal during disbursement, the amount remaining becomes smaller to work with and unprofitable; so if you and your team can add the risk charges to the principal, I think everyone would get the full amount to work with and repay in time.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    Aug 27, 2020

    loan repayment successfully done. I once again want to say thank you to all my lenders, God bless you all.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    Aug 3, 2020

    A very big thanks to my lenders for funding this loan for me. I accept this loan and promise to repay the loan fully with no disappointment. I will make sure the loan is used for the intended purpose. The loan would be used to fill my grocery shop to boost sales.
    The loan will help increase my profit level and help me take care of my kids, siblings and my community at large. I really appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    Jul 29, 2020

    The previous loan help me stoked my grocery shop with all the items I needed for my grocery shop. This increase my patronage greatly. My customers are able to get all that they needed from the shop. It has increased my profit level by 40%.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    Jul 1, 2020

    Hi lenders, I just want to inform you that sales is good and am even trying to make full payment earlier than the maturity date. Thanks very to my lenders . I appreciate you all.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    Jun 5, 2020

    Good sales

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  • Millicent Adukwe    May 30, 2020

    Hi leaders, I hope you are all doing great. I have stocked my store with grocery as I promised to purchased. Sales is good; business is good because all that the customers mostly ask of is in the store. I thank my lenders and I appreciate you all.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    May 24, 2020

    Members, I need your help, I was supposed to pay a weekly instalment of Gjs187 but I paid Ghs250 on 22/05/2020 which means I paid higher amount but unfortunately, what reflected on my payment history is Ghs63. I need your help. Something is wrong somewhere.

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    • Joshi    May 24, 2020

      Millicent, use the 'HELP' link in your app to report this issue. Posting it here will be of no use since the Zidisha team does not read such posts on your discussion board.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    May 4, 2020

    I than my lenders very much for funding my loan for me. I will use the loan to stock up my provision store. I will make sure to purchase all the items listed in my application so as to attract more customers to my store. This loan will be helpful to me. Once again thank you.

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  • Joshi    May 1, 2020

    Hello Millicent, I like the way the stock is arranged so nicely in your shop! Wish you all the best in your business. Hope the virus continues to skip your region.

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  • Millicent Adukwe    Apr 24, 2020

    My last loan helped me a lot, now I have added items like Sanitaries and its more of provision store than before where it used to be only soft drinks. Many thanks to my lenders. Please continue to lend me to improve on my business. Thank you once again.

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