Gypsum supply business

George Muthoka

Kitengela , Kenya

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George Muthoka

Member since

March 2017

On-time repayments

100 installments  •  80%

About Me

This is George Muthoka born and raised in Kenya, East Africa. I am schooled to higher education level currently pursuing a master degree in project planning and management.

I have worked as a teacher in my early working career and as a social worker with various NGOs. Currently I do private businesses.

I am a family man with one wife and 4 Children.

My Business

I do various income generating activities

1. I am a consultant in management and capacity building field. Here I advertise my services and apply for consultation opportunities within and beyond Kenya

2. I do farming, I own land that I use to cultivate vegetables and keep livestock for the market.

3. I do supplies business in gypsum - a raw material used in production of cement, plaster powder, chalk, ceiling boards etc.

4. I am naturing a young business in construction as a contractor and property management.

I incur costs in material purchase, loading, transportation and legal fees. In average I make an income of kshs 200,000/= per month which I use for home supplies, education fees for my children and other disadvantaged children and support to my elderly parents as well as capital investments

Loan Proposal

With this facility I will pay my gypsum supplier. A ton of gypsum is going at KES 1,100 and transported at KES 1,300 thus a total of KES 2,400. A 30 ton truck of gypsum would cost KES 72,000. This Loan will therefore pay for around a third of a truck.

Each ton make KES 400 at the factory thus making a total of KES 15,000. a third of which is KES 5,000, which can be done thrice within the facility period.

Income Source

I have diversified my investment to include farming, consultancies and contracting of technical services such as construction, trainings, awareness creation etc. in the unlikely event one side fails then the others can support.





  • Charles    Sep 6, 2018

    Excellent borrower...happy to consider further proposals.

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  • Treesforpeople    Jul 8, 2018

    George repayed the loan in full, and I would be happy to lend to him again.

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  • Helen Horseman    Jun 17, 2017

    Thank you for full repayment of your loan George, 100% on time.
    Good luck with your business in the future.

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Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Mar 30, 2021

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

4 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $16.28

Credit risk payment: $48.84



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