Samuel Ochieng

Mtwapa, Kenya

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Samuel Ochieng

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January 2013

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About Me

Am samuel Ouma Ochieng am a resident of mtwapa and a bodaboda businessman in mtwapa and the nearby areas.I was born in the western part of Kenya in a place called Homa bay. am a secondary school graduate having completed my secondary school level in 2003. After my secondary education i did a number of jobs but due to their low payment salaries i could not meet my family needs. Am an orphan and taking care of my three siblings giving me a great challenge. so after trying a number of jobs without success i decided to start doing business so that i could atleast earn income to help my siblings. i first started with a hawking business. i did this business for two years and it was a good business. In the time i did this business i saved as much as i could because i wanted to free myself from poverty as this is the deadliest disease that is finishing us. At that time i was still living in Homabay. I then came to Mombasa and started life afresh. Mombasa life was hard as for me because i had no one i knew in Mombasa. I got a friend who offered to help me.He one day took me to a businessman who had motorcycles for hire. that's how i started bodaboda business. This business did quite well and made a good income and i could help my siblings. with my income i could send to my siblings pay for their school fees and pay rent and other personal requirements.

My Business

Am a bodaboda operator doing this business in mtwapa and the nearby area. I do this business so as to support my three siblings as we are orphans. Mtwapa is a very busy small town with a high population of many and different ethic communities.Thia makes this town be a business teritory. I do bodaboda business mostly at night. this is because at night bodaboda operators are few and the demand is high. Most bodaboda operators fear the night shift because of its riskiness.My customers in this business are mostly those who are from the night clubs and others who come late from their jobs.It's a paying business as i mke an income of ksh 20,000 per month after all expenses. riks in this business are like thieves at night. With my income i use ksh 5,000 paying school fees, 3,000 i send to my siblings for food,ksh 2,000 paying my house rent. so i save ksh 10,000 per month. I have a vision in this business, to improve my business so that i can effectively support my siblings. And i hope to have the best help from zidisha so that i can achieve my goals.

Loan Proposal

Hello zidisha team, am so happy that my loan application has gone through. With this amount i want to buy a second hand motor cycle so that i can reduce the cost of hiring as this has been a great burden to me and the business. So when i get this secondhand motorcycle i will save money and this will be easier for me to repay the loan.






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Classic Loan

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Feb 17, 2013

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Projected term

12 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $500.90 at 6.62% annual rate over 12 months = $35.46

Service fee: $19.13




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