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Josiphine Nyaboke

Taveta, Kenya

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Josiphine Nyaboke

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January 2015

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About Me

I Started My Beaut Shop after doing travel and school bags business since 1993, i was brought up in an extended family back at Kisii, Gucha district.My dad past away early hence i was born of the second father who married my mother there after. I attained form four academic result but the education since primary school was not that smooth. I use to leave school go help my mother brew traditional beer from which i would buy books ,uniform and pay school fees. It was hard to raise money in time hence it affected my academics. When there was no capital after depleting it through fees payment i was forced to go out to all ready harvested gardens and collect the leftover which i could sell to get capital for my mum business. Through this i managed to learn entrepreneurship skills which i latter used when i got married to start my business. I have tailoring skill which i do part time. All this i do to protect my children from what i went through while getting their education. With little saving i hard raised from my farm which my husband hard rented i started the Bags business which was mainly for food provision in my family. After my two children graduated i decided to change the business to beaut shop so as to enable myself a permanent business with comfort . Being a well known woman in my village and town i meet a lot of young ladies and women who are conscious about their outlook and beauty, Having seen this opportunity i decided to open a new business which within a short time i have seen more customer flock in. Two of my son wish to get a formal job while one wants to be a politician. The other who is the first one is an IT specialist and entrepreneur who interested in using technology to improve live of local people. Most of my free time i stay with young ladies and mother and try to educate them on entrepreneurship and how to face life challenges. My past has dedicated my present life hence i can model my future now. I believe zidisha has the same in the heart of its found.

My Business

I sell Beauty products to local people. I have taken my first loan and successful paid it back.I Am Seeking the second loan again.Whenever we meet with other women in my village i see an opportunity in them by offering my products in the shop. The demand has raised with the change of culture into modern life style. each young lady and woman wants to shine hence gain social status which in turn is an opportunity for me to server their wants.The business does not require a lot of knowledge and academic skills. Same customer while raise the demand and query and place an order of a product which i will restock for the next inventory.Inventory is the only cost as i am to sole proprietor of the business. Most of the income is geared at assisting my family attain good life,good
education. I extend my help young mothers by giving advice and day to day financial needs. I reinvest the rest into business for its expansion and be able to employe other. Last i plan to finish the construction of my house.

Loan Proposal

I plan to invest the whole loan in Restock with new product line and meet the demand of current outstanding order. I will satisfy most of the customer who i have turn down due to lack of the product on the shelf. This will boost my profit as some stock sell in companion like shampoo and hair conditioner, face powder and lotions. I expect my profit to grow 50% hence be able to employ one shop attendant.






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Classic Loan

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Jan 21, 2015

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On Time

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7 weeks

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Lender interest: $50.08 at 5.82% annual rate over 1 month = $0.42

Service fee: $0.27




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Hamburg, Germany

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Mar 7, 2015


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Mar 15, 2015 $12.09 Mar 7, 2015 $12.09