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Titus Kamau

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Titus Kamau

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March 2014

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About Me

I am a Kenyan Freelance Journalist and Blogger. I started MARA HIYO HIYO NEWS ( ) in 2012. It is a News Blog with the latest News, Views, Reviews and Interviews ranging from Breaking News in Entertainment, Business, Sports, Politics, Health, Technology and religion.

I also head BIG UNIT ENTERTAINMENT which deals in;
1. Audio and Video Production
2. Event Organizing
3. Talent Management
4. Marketing our Products
5. DJ Classes & Lessons

Apart from that i direct Stage and Screen Plays in our theatre group (Web Theatre Kenya)

My Business

Being a gaming lover, i have decided to invest in a PlayStation business which is currently doing well in my estate.

1 PS 2 Pad at Ksh. 5000, approximately $ 58
1 21" Flat Screen TV at Ksh. 7000, approximately $ 81
Single Business Permit at Ksh. 7000, approximately $ 81
2 Months Rent at Ksh. 8000, approximately $ 93
TOTAL = 27, 000, approximately $ 313

Good news for me is that i can add some funds from my savings to make my goal of Ksh. 27, 000 and start the business. I also have purchased a good number of games to start with.

PS Games that i have
FIFA 12 to 15 / PES 2013 / Hand of God / Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare / Dying Light / The Last of us / Grand Theft Auto V / The Order: 1886 / Destiny / Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor

PC Games that i have
Hitman Contracts / FIFA 07 and 09 / GTA San Andreas and Vice City / Hostile Skies / 3 foot Ninja / 3D Pool / Bush Royal Rampage / NFS Hot Pursuit / NFS Underground Racer / Arrow/ Scrabble / Pilsner / Desert Storm / FIFA World Cup 2002 / RoadRash / Midtown Madness / Beach Head / Project IGI

N.B// I will be charging Ksh . 1 per minute and a bonus of Ksh. 50 (an hour) for Both PS and PC games

I welcome lenders to contribute and help me start this long awaited business. May the Almighty God bless you as you lend. Thank You.

Loan Proposal

I wish to upgrade News Blog to a custom domain which is which will have the following benefits.

1. Custom Email [email protected]/
2. Enjoy Email Marketing Services
3. Unlimited Space
4. Appear on Search Engines (Google) fast and at the top
5. A lot of Traffic
6. Blog will be without WordPress ads
7. Can set up my own paid ads

I dream of making MARA HIYO HIYO NEWS BLOG the best News site in East Africa, therefore driving in a lot of traffic and making a lot of money. I intend to use the money that i will get in paying for the domain name and hosting costs. I currently post News articles alone but will hire other freelance journalists immediately after i upgrade so that i can a variety of credible news sources. In future i will open a centralized MARA HIYO HIYO NEWS CENTRE to allow people to reach us on time with the latest news. At this point i will save a percentage of the profit to purchase new and advanced News collection Equipments.

Thanks as you donate to this worthy cause.






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Classic Loan

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Jan 9, 2015

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On Time

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6 weeks

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Lender interest: $100.16 at 4.58% annual rate over 1 month = $0.55

Service fee: $0.42

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