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Dulo Kikkan

Muhoroni, Kenya

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Dulo Kikkan

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February 2015

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About Me

I am Dulo Kikkan, born in 1984, married with two children. I live in Muhoroni and have a nursery school within Muhoroni town. Muhoroni is a densely populated town attracting people of different tribes due to its Sugar and biogas factories.
I have not gone far with my education due to financial constraints. My family is not in a position to help since whatever is found is used to educate my three siblings. Am now left to forge my route alone. I was able to take my wife to an ECDE school where she learned to be a nursery school teacher. After her study she was employed for one year and the salary was too little to help much. I then had a plan of small saving to help me start my nursery school.

I joined Zidisha in 2015 when I had only two simple iron sheet rooms I was using as classrooms. Six years down the line with the support of Zidisha loans, I have built 9 permanent class rooms with a good toilet facility for teachers and pupils. As we were closing down due to corona, I had employed 11 teachers, 1cook, 1cleaner and 1 watchman.
As schools were closed for 9 months in Kenya, my school compound was left vacant with no income. In order to survive, I started poultry farming in June 2020.with 100 chicks from the savings I got from the school. By now, I have 250 birds, some of them are laying now. I have now secured 160 hens and enough cocks as my breeding stock. The rest I sell to people for meat. I also want to be collecting eggs and producing chicks for sale. One chick is Ksh.100.This project I am doing it in two classrooms. Meaning I had ready rooms, and enough water from the school tank, so I only buy feeds, vaccines and medication. My wife and two children also work with me in the farm. We don’t employ worker for poultry farm.

My Business

Since I have breeding stock and experience in poultry keeping, I need to buy an incubator so that I use the eggs from my farm to produce chicks for sale. I also need to build a separate house for them because if schools will re-open, then pupils will not have class rooms. I don’t want to end the school business after going this far and this poultry project has also picked up and running very well. Part of this loan I will also use to stock feeds. I am sure of getting Ksh.500 weekly as for now to repay my loan but I will increase it as my income increases. Already some women groups and youth groups are visiting my school to see my project and seek advice on how they can get chicks and do vaccinations. This is already a market for me if I get an incubator. My plan is to have separate farm for poultry project so that I can improve it to buy machine for making feeds after buying incubator. Feeds are very expensive thus finding a way of making it locally will be a breakthrough for me and the community around.

Loan Proposal

My school is now FIVE years old.Each year i progress one classroom higher.The last loan you gave me i used to build standard 5 classroom.Yesterday 24th October we closed the school for December holiday.We will open on 4th January 2018.My challenge is that i have 20 pupils in class 4 now who will go to class 6 next year.I don't have class 6 room for them now.I beg you dear lenders to help me with this loan so that i can build the new classroom during November and December.My income has increased and parents are now paying fee on time.i can pay all my teachers and be able to repay the loan ksh.1000 weekly.Please help me to build class 6 so that i don't loose the 20 pupils i now have in class 4.If you help me,i will now admit 30 new pupils in baby class because the 30 pupils i have in baby class now will go to middle class January 2018.Thank you.

My Videos

Apr 23, 2021: Proposal to buy an incubator






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Classic Loan

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Nov 16, 2017

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41 months

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