Help me clear the balance for me to have another motorcycle

David Katheke Nduku

Kiamunyeki,nakuru,kenya, Kenya

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David Katheke Nduku

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February 2015

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About Me

My names are David Katheke Nduku,being born in the year 1995 in Nakuru District,I joined Primary School Education in the Year 2002 and completed in 2009 and got my Primary School Certificate.In the following year 2010, I joined Njoro Boys Secondary School and I was able to complete the Secondary School Education in 2013.In 2014 January i joined Mwangaza College and did a computer course for six months.
Due to luck of money to further my studies i was employed as a motorcycle rider commonly known as bodaboda,and worked for four months saving the little coin i had to be able to purchase mine.On November 2014 i secured 113 USD from my mother and added to my savings and bought a motorcycle.
I love football and i am a choir singer in our Church ,singing the voice of tenor 2 and i love making new friends.

My Business

I am an entrepreneur operating transport business by motorcycle commonly known as bodaboda,after buying my motorcycle with the savings from my previous job and a boost from my mother on which i have refunded her money,I secured a place for picking up customer at the Free Area Center on the Nakuru Nairobi Highway,this place is so crucial because this is where most of the people are dropped by the public vehicles for those who are proceeding to the interior such as Kiratina ,Kiamunyeki and other places.
On my motorbike i have indicated my phone number for the clients to have and also i do offer private services such as picking clients from their homes and places of work to their destination .This has made my business to move and grow rapidly ,because this kind of business entails alot of trustworthy and discipline.
I do also offer transportation of my customers children to school and picking them in the evening after school time.
This business is so convenient because the demand for motorcycle transportation is so high because of its fairness in price and convenience.My customers prefer me/my business so much because I do transport them with a lot of cautious so that we arrive safely and win their confidence through out our journey.The cost that i have incurred so far to reach where i am is around USD 1600,i.e buying of the motorcycle ,Insurance and other small expenses.The revenue/money I make on average is USD 11 per day,which translates to USD 330 per month,out of this money I pay for my bills and cater for my upkeep.I do also set aside some money to save like USD 10 for future advancement.
Thank You very much for your kind support .

Loan Proposal

Hey to you all Lenders and the Zidisha Team at large ,i am humbly and delighted to apply for this second loan to improve my business,for this loan that i am going to get for my business i am going to direct it to the buying of a New motorcycle which i have already paid for the deposit of USD 650 ,the remaining balance of USD 220 is what i am requesting lenders to support me ,so that i may pay for the motorcycle and take it to work.After all this is done i will employ a young man who will be in charge of the current motorcycle i have.This will be of great boost to my transport business ,the income will increase which will help me to pay for my loan and also cater for my needs effectively and atleast i will be glad to have touched the life of somebody by offering employment.Thank You.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

May 29, 2015

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Projected term

27 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $8.82

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