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Derrick Otieno

Nairobi, Kenya

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Derrick Otieno

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January 2015

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About Me

I am Derrick Omondi Otieno
I am 27 years,born on February 10th in Kisumu county, Kenya.
I grew up in the capital city Nairobi in a middle income set up. I went to (catholic based) community based public schools (primary and secondary).

I was raised up in a christian family (Catholic denomination) and therefore very strict and structured moral values.
Grew up knowing there was scarcity of money and whatever was brought was supposed to be shared and rationed "think about tomorrow"
I had to work as i studied in high school in order to support my Mother,brother and two sisters.
the journey was not easy but we managed through it by the grace of God.
From this experience learned that life had to move on and that i had to be content with how far i had gone and really start working for my higher education and physiological needs.
I joined a local insurance agency as a volunteer where I learned a lot about insurance practice and how to sell the covers, I saved up and pursued training with Kenya College of Insurance for an executive certificate of proficiency in insurance,This helped me become a licensed insurance practitioner and now could sell covers and earn commission,
My entrepreneurial venture started when I visited my grandmother for Christmas and found her busy working on some uniforms orders she had gotten for schools that were reopening on January the next year and she reviled to me a few things about the clothing business and the needs people have in our community.
I learned that day that for a very longtime in our communities; farming and fishing has been considered very important for the livelihood of many families and that after farming and fishing the people would get proceeds to go to the local markets during market days to trade among-est one another.
I later did my research and realized that this practice was still on and that aside from the old days now people come to the market to buy food and wares for their children , husbands for there wives and for individual satisfaction.
when i visited the market i found people selling (ready made & second hand cloths) that were imported and i realized that there was a need to bring in new locally manufactured cloths that are costumed to the suit any one. I came into this market offering new but yet affordable cloths for people to turn to instead of second hand cloths that had flooded the markets.
I used my savings of USD150 to lease 3 industrial machines and paid rent for the stall in Gikomba market in Nairobi which has become the mother branch. I partnered with three tailors who knew how to knit good cloths.
ever since i have managed to build a network of wholesalers whom i supply with the cloths and they sell at retail in their locality because i only avail myself ones during market days in the local villages of western Kenya.
I have manged to buy 3 industrial sewing machines ever since I started and part of my profits i now use to pay for my higher education at the AFRICA NAZARENE UNIVERSITY Nairobi campus.

in 2015 My business got destroyed due to a a night fire outbreak at the Gikomba market. We were never compensated for the business and i was edged out of business. I have since been working as a Debt Manager and saving up money to revamp my business and restart my business again.

My Business

My business is called blue plus fashions, based in Nairobi Kenya and i deal with cloth manufacturing & distribution.

How it operates:
I purchase cloth material locally and turn them into traditional & Western-style clothing through the partnership of my employees who are skilled in tailoring. Over time i have custom made my products to fit the needs of consumer and now my products can be made "ready to wear," or tailored and designed to fit the individual who orders it. for example groups or weddings

why i am here:
The production capacity of my clothing business is limited by two main factors: my ability to acquire material in bulk, and the number of sewing machines i own. An additional sewing machine and supply of cloth can allow my business to take on another full-time employee - creating a new job while boosting production and revenue.
It is therefor a great pleasure for me to come to your online micro-finance organization, not only to talk about my businesses, but to seek financial support from you with the aim of giving a boost to my business and providing employment opportunities to people in my community.
being in this industry has been interesting and profitable considering the fact that production costs have been favorable making it easy for me to compete with people who majorly outsource the needs to other countries and buy ready made cloths or even used cloths (mtumba)
My investment is heavily on production equipment and i am now focusing on establishing myself as a brand and marketing my products.
Your support will allow me to translate my dreams into reality and I promise in return for your partnership, to repay my installments on time.
feel free to contact me via:

Loan Proposal

my plan going forward is to ensure that i am self reliant when it comes to production equipment. this is mainly to ensure that when i am given tenders or demands i am in a position to execute perfectly.
i mostly rely on other people who do commercial fabric cutting and it brings a lot of challenges because you have to wait for so many people for you to get a chance and at times, what was planned might no work out.
with this equipment i will create a job opportunity for its handler and ensure that i get efficiency in my production
help me purchase a 6-Inch High-Speed Straight-Knife Cloth-Cutting Machine, AUTOMATIC SHARPENER 110V
the estimated price $499.00






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Mar 18, 2015

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