Wylliffe Kadenge

Maili Kumi, Kenya

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Wylliffe Kadenge

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April 2013

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92 installments  •  21%

About Me

I am 40 years of age married and a father of two.One a boy and the other a girl .The boy at nursery school while the girl is in class one.I have been to matatu industry since i left the school life for now having worked under this industry as a driver but in start of last year i was voted by the sacco to head as a clerk at Bahati stage to oversee the sanity and arrange in order how the vehicles carries their work.
I also runs a shop at Upperhill school whereby my wife is the one who operates it.This business we started in order to help each other to see a smooth flow of financial on both of us.
The canteen we run at the school mostly deals with Credit cards,Snacks,Fruits,Sodas and bread as this is a boarding school.We also stock shop goods like sugar/flour/cooking oil etc for the staff who resides at the school.We also sells to the locals around the school.

My Business

On the school canteen which we want to expand as the market of fruits is doing well especially on visiting days when the parents of this school comes to visit the children at this time we make a good return and at sometimes going out of stock.
As the school on its kitchen garden grows vegetables that they use on pupils there are other occasions that they have some shortage of this vegetables.I have been in talk with this institution and they have promised me to give me some orders to supply them on this occasions.
After hearing from you and the friendly interest you offer to your clients i see you as the collect firm which ill grow this business to my dream having considered the rate ie of equity bank where i had taken a loan of 20000 with a huge interest.The loan is so far cleared with no credit i hold for now considering your approval

Loan Proposal

hi lenders, thanks a lot for your assistance up to this moment. am grateful because now am able to improve my business because of your great support.i want to improve my business kiosk with this money. i will use it to buy sodas @ kshs 4,800, airtime @ kshs 6,000, sweets @ kshs 8,000, mineral water @ kshs 4,000, eggs @ kshs 4,000.with this stock i will make a big step. thanks a lot.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jan 1, 2014

Repayment status


Projected term

19 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $281.09 at 5.15% annual rate over 19 months = $23.66

Service fee: $16.22

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