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About Me

I am a single lady aged 35 year old by the name Lydia Gathigia ,I was born on year 1976 at Rift valley provice Nakuru Disrtict in Maji Tamu location in Kenya.I join my primary education until class eight and completed in year 1994 were I got my primary education certificate in the year 1995,after completing my primary education I joined a secondary school at St francis secondary school at Subukia near Jordan polytechnic in year 1995 and completed in year 1999, Later I join Motorsori teacher training collage in year 2003, after that we migrated from Maji to Wiyumiririe farm after 2002 general election due to tribal ethinic, after that I was blessed with one kid by the name Hannah wangari who is name after my mother, after that I migrated to Nyahururu and while I was there I decided to rent a house for timber yard after two year I was able to raise some money for me to start a business of a pre unit school at subukia center and I employed another teacher who we use to assist me, after two year, due to lack of fund I was not able to manage the school, I decided to move back home where I started mixed farming.I joined Wadungu’s self help group where I have been a member till now, I was able to raise money enough for me to buy a plot (plot number 466) Kimboronjo at a price of ksh70000, where i live in Kimboronjo trading shopping center which is approximately 21km from Subukia town which is our nearest town. Subukia town is our nearest major town within this area. The shopping center is also 2km from s.t francis sec school, where we pass as we move to and from Subukia. I am single and born again Christian and a follower of Catholic Church of Kenya which is within our locality at Kimboronjo, After been exposed to the area I decided to start my own business and rented a piece of land (half an acre) of which I will be producing my own farm product such as milk and other farm produce and sell within our area and its environs. I live in plot number 466 at the shopping center where I carry out my business of selling the product I get from my piece of land and my animals. My business includes selling milk, eggs and other vegetable like sukumawiki.

My Business

My business is mixed farming
My business includes mixed farming,especially in zero grazing I also deal in selling of milk, eggs and planting of tomatoes and green vegetable eg sukumawiki cabbages ,carrot and maize, my business entail renting of shambas near river bank at Kimboronjo village where by many people here usually rent shambas near the river which is well known at our place for production of this product especially milk, tomatoes, where by usually rely on the river in watering their plantation using pumping machine by connecting pipes from the river up to your shamba . I decided to start the business of mixed farming after realize there is a ready market for this product especially milk, tomatoes and vegetable because the place is well know in Rift valley in producing tomatoes and distributing in various part of our country and there is no season for planting tomatoes even in dry season because we always rely on the river subukia in watering tomatoes and other vegetable and the river is ever with water and have so many small river all of them joining to river subukia thus giving us chance to cultivate and plant all season after season and the place is fertile. The businesses capture 80 percent of the market share in our area and in Subukia in general due availability of many rives thus making our place famous in producing tomatoes, also the business is expected to grow due to the ready market of the product especially for tomatoes because many people from far town such as from Nakuru ,Eldoret and other big town come to buy tomatoes at this area and the mean of transport is available and the climate is favorable They is a lot of demand of the product such as tomatoes, vegetable and maize and fresh vegetable, also so many people here rely on this variety for livelihood because they buy at low price direct from our farm.
Most of the farmer in Subukia relies with maize and beans crop thus making few of us to benefit from our business. The business will be profitable because climate is favorable to us enabling us to produce much farm produce even in during dry season. The risk facing the business is poor road and low price of milk price due to lack of co-operative to take the milk and diseases during the rainy season which hinders many farmers to plant tomatoes especially if one does not have money to buy chemicals for spraying these kind of plant when affected by a disease, main challenge facing these business is lack of money starting from renting the shamba up to harvesting time need one to have a lot of money. The goal of the business will to get profit and to satisfy the customer needs, the business fall under agriculture industry which has been growing very fast for past few years and it is expecting to have a bright future in term of modern farming. My vision about my business is expand from small farming to large scale farming whereby most of the farmers have been in large scale farming thus giving motivation to practice the type of farming. My typical monthly cost is khs 600000, sale revenue is around ksh 30000 and profit is above 25000 but I am planning to earn more from the business.

Loan Proposal

Hi lenders
It is in great appreciation to zidisha team for the far i have reached. I would like to use the money i will get from zidisha to start a green house where i want to grow tomatoes because it is the best way where the climate is controlled by human being in the green house because the area tomatoes is affected by dew which fall now and then.I am looking forward for your favorable respond and i will appreciate very much.






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Jan 9, 2013

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