Edwin Malenya

Luanda Town, Kenya

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Edwin Malenya

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September 2013

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About Me

i am kenyan male youth age 25 from kakamega county not yet married,from a family of five,mother,two brothers and two sisters.Am a self driven person with high personality,educated to the university level specialized in community development and social work.My achievements depends on my commitment,dedication and honesty.I believe on the principal of everything is possible through meaningful involvement and settings smart objectives and follow them one by one.I get involve in positive linkages for a common goal and united for a team spirit.i started my business like 3 years ago with a capital of 7000/- and i was able to buy broiler chicks at 100/- per one and so i bought 100 chicks for the start and the remaining 6000/- went on feeds,medicine,water,and the construction of house where i do the poultry farming.the chicks always take two weeks to be ready for sale on the market at in a month i sell them once and one broiler that is fully well and grown i sell at 400/- per one so i was making 40,000/- at the end and after removing expenses i would remain with 25,000/-.This is my monthly profit and i was able to pay my college fee with this money and also help my brothers and sisters and my parents by supporting them financially.also i give back to the community projects around my village market in luanda.This business has been my life style since 3 years ago and now i want to expand to produce more because the market is ready but my supply is low and with zidisha loan i believe i will move the mountains within months.so help me to live this dream.by supporting me with your loan.thank you zidisha.

My Business

As i have mentioned above i started my, business with a capital of 7000/- and by buying 100 chicks at 100/- and the rest 6000/- i bought feeds,medicines and water and at the end when i sell the broilers i would make 40,000/- minus the expenses i would remain with 25,000/-.Because of the ready market in Kisumu town hotels and in Luanda town i am being forced to increase my stock because i want to start keeping 300 broilers chicks,and all i need is to buy incubator machines which costs 30,000/- and also to increase the electricity supply in the poultry house which cost 10,000/- and food and maintenance will cost me 20,000/-,also i want to expand the room which will cost me 5000/- and the total comes to around kes 65,000.for now i don't have that much and my customers are pressurizing me they need more broilers.it also take short time to mature and many people buy the broilers because they are cheap so market is ready.the risk of my business is very low because i am always there watching over them day and night.therefore when i sell the 300 broilers at the end i will be making kes 120,000 making a profit of kes 55,000 a month and this will help me grow fast and boost my business also internationally.therefore help me with your loan and let me live what i have been dreaming since my childhood.thank you zidisha

Loan Proposal

i am going to perchase another stock of broillers chicks of kes 2400
medicines for the chicks also which will cost me kes 2000
more light bulbs and saw dusts for warmth cost kes 500
food for the chicks for kes 2400
this will automatically boost my chicken business because i have plenty of supplies and i believe i amgoing to say thank you so muc zidisha for making achieve in my business.thank you so much zidisha.






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Classic Loan

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Nov 15, 2013

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On Time

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24 months

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Lender interest: $99.75 at 6.75% annual rate over 24 months = $13.77

Service fee: $7.12

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