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About Me

I am the second born in the family of three. I live in Thika, Kisii estate. I am a boda boda (motor bike) driver. I decided to start the business after being at home due to lack of school fees. My father had bought it five years ago in 2008 for transport of fodder at our rural home. It developed some mechanical problems and my father couldn't be able to raise the amount to repair it. I solicited some money in 2011 to repair the motorbike and since then I have been using it to offer my taxi services.
due to lack of school fees in 2011,I had to make ends meet and that is how I landed in the taxi industry. Boda boda is the name for either Bicycle or motorbike taxi service in Kenya.
The minimum amount that I carry a person with my bicycle is Ksh. 50. I usually charge depending on the distance covered. Its a very interesting and booming industry that has taken Kenya by storm.

My Business

I am a motorbike taxi driver, which is locally known as Boda Boda.
I offer taxi services using my motorbike which includes moving passengers from one are to another, running errands and carrying luggage from one destination to another. I also offer delivery services whereby I deliver mails to various destinations.
My customers prefer my services because I drive safely, offer reasonable prices for my services and also I have a radio installed in my bike whereby the passenger go listening to some music at the back. The radio is located underneath the carrier while the speakers are on either side of the feet guard.
The risks involved in the business is when I am faced with careless drivers on the road who can easily cause accidents. Also, diseases caused by cold like pneumonia hence one has to really really keep warm and protect the body especially the chest.
Another risk is the fluctuating fuel prices. When they go high, it reduces our profit margin as most customers will be reluctant to pay more, especially the regular customers.
Within a month I manage to get a minimum of Ks. 10,000 as profit. This is a job that many jobless youth are venturing into and earning a living through it.

Loan Proposal

I appreciate for the first loan you offered to me.It was of Great help.
I will use Ksh. 10,000 to purchase a brand new rear tire for my older motorcycle. Since I bought it in 2012, I have nit changed it and its almost worn out.
The remaining Ksh. 8000 I wil use it to cater for expenses that include maintenance
and upgrade of the older motorcycle so that it can be able to match the new motorcycle. Also, the better condition it is in, the more it will attract customers, hence an increase in its profit margin per day.
I look forward in some few years to build a transporting empire and am glad Zidisha is part and parcel of it.
Kindly accept my loan proposal and I will keep on honouring my word, just like in the previous loan.
Thank you in advance.






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Classic Loan

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Nov 13, 2013

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24 months

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Lender interest: $218.04 at 7.27% annual rate over 24 months = $32.45

Service fee: $15.57

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