Philip Kamau

Nakuru Town Pipiline,park, Kenya

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Philip Kamau

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December 2012

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About Me

Am a Christian, protestant, am church elder I attend deliverance church of Kenya, located in pipeline village near Nairobi school, am an A-level leaver, I worked as an administrator in kericho town council before resigning to do my business.
Am an IDP from kericho town, currently living in Nakuru town, pipeline area park view estate. Am a married man with eight children, all of them have already finished colleges and two are working in England, one in Coventry and the other is in London. I lived in kericho for 48 years before fleeing in 2007 due to insurgence of post election violence that locked our country. I was involving myself in business and farming i.e coffee farming, poultry keeping; unfortunately I lost everything due to the skirmishes. I borrowed a loan from family bank in Nakuru which I used to buy a piece of land where am putting up now. Since then I have been able to purchase a posho mill and mixer machine and an incubator. I make or rather manufacture livestock feeds i.e chick mash, layers mash, dog meal and dairy meal.

My Business

Am currently selling one day old chicks, which I incubate in my premises. I have an incubator which holds 265 eggs. There is a very high demand for chicks in my area, but am faced by shortage of funds to purchase a bigger incubator which can incubate many eggs and meet the demands of my customers. I also sell chicken feeds such as layers mash, chick mash, broilers mash and dog meal most of my customers are also residents of Nakuru who are farmers. The livestock meals I sell have been licensed by the Government of Kenya through Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). Apart from that I also sell detergents for washing clothes and other sanitation, which I sell in the local markets. Am currently facing no risks because the demand is very high, and the raw materials am using am able to buy them locally at a fair price. Monthly cost total to kshs. 40,000 I incur expenses such as electricity, wages and transport levels and sales level of kshs 100,000; About profit if invest kshs 24,000 to produce/process layers mash am able to produce 14bags which I sell @ kshs 2,450 and make a profit of kshs 10,300 in 13 days. The profit I get I plough it back to expand my business. Currently I face less stiff competition. My customers prefer my products due to the fair price I offer and the good quality of the products. If I get this loan I will use it as an additional capital to purchase bigger incubators which hold up to 1,000 eggs

Loan Proposal

i have two incubators one is operating but the other one is lacking egg trays which i have not bought due to inadequate funds therefore i will use the loan to buy trays and also eggs. the remaining money i will use to purchase raw materials to facilitate production of feeds. i will be able to supply more chicks to my customers because i have been facing shortages in supply.and also to increase production of animals feeds.





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Dec 27, 2012

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Projected term

12 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $499.31 at 1.08% annual rate over 12 months = $5.62

Service fee: $18.36


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