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Joseph Siaw

Accra, Ghana

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Joseph Siaw

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November 2018

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141 installments  •  24%

About Me

Joseph Siaw is my name. I am a young man of 34 years of age. I am Christian.

Joseph Siaw is a life coach, business development consultant and a professional teacher, with 10+ years experience.

In addition to the above qualities, Joseph Siaw advises individuals and firms in the areas of investment, decision-making, and organizational behavior.

Joseph Siaw is passionate about helping people succeed in the areas of investment, leadership, personal development, business, marriage to mention but a few. This he achieves through online courses, seminars, workshops or one on one training or coaching.

Joseph Siaw is a multi talented person helping people all over the world in diverse ways.

Joseph constantly pushes himself to increase the depth of his knowledge and expand his skill-sets. As the adage goes, as iron sharpens an iron, Joseph gratefully admit the fact that he had the blessing of working alongside highly motivated and talented professionals" who continually inspired and pushed him to take challenges head-on.

His motto is: "if it must be done, it must be done very well".
Joseph is married to Owusua! We don't have children yet.

Joseph's goal in life is to help people:
o add more value to themselves
o secure a job and create the wealth they so desire
o create a passive income or multiple streams of income
o enjoy their marriage and their life
o create a better future

About Education: Joseph Siaw holds Diploma In Entrepreneurship, Information Technology & Human Resource Management. He is a product of Preset Pacesetters Institute, Madina Accra.

My Business

Siaw Consult was formed in 2009 by a life coach and business development professional in Ghana.

Our primary objective is to help small business owners grow and sustain their businesses. These we achieve through training, seminars, workshops, coaching, and one - on - training.

The company upholds the following values as a guideline to its operation and business transactions:
· Commitment
· Customer Value
· Professionalism
· Flexibility / Adaptability
· Social Responsibility


Primary contacts for our services
Name: Joseph Siaw
Tel: +233 558 07 69 57
Email: [email protected]
Office Physical Address: Opp. Standard Foundation School, Blue Kiosk, Santa Maria, Accra
Postal Code: 00233 Country: Ghana
Company Website: Not Yet
Type of Organization: Sole Proprietorship
Type of Business: Business Development & Consultancy

Established in Ghana in 2009 and incorporated in 2013.

To help small business owners build and sustain their business in order to create the wealth they so desire.

Our objectives are to assist clients with various implementations of their business, and we have confidence in our ability to generate the consensus and commitments necessary to succeed. We are prepared to stand behind our recommendations and to assist our clients with obtaining appropriate approvals to proceed.

Loan Proposal

I need a loan to purchase a photocopy machine in my office. SJ Business Pals has become one of Accra’s leading business and personal development consultancy agencies in
the short period since it was founded. SJ Business Pals is consistently rated for
the high quality of its consultancy and coaching and it has cultivated close and
productive links with its local and regional community. It has however reached a
critical point in its development and expansion is essential if it is to continue to
meet national, regional and local policy objectives relating to business and personal,
employment and economic success.
Since it was founded in 2007, SJ Business Pals has grown, both in size
and in reputation, into one of Ghana’s leading business and personal development consultancy agencies.

It is our ambition to become a world-leading business and personal development consultancy and this will have benefits not only for the surrounding
community and region but also for the nation as a whole. Entrepreneurship is one of the
engines of growth for the economy and Ghana economy needs the leading
business mentor-ship like SJ Business Pals to develop further and become leading international business consultancy. This can only be achieved through growing research both in quality and quantity. High quality research is expensive and necessitates
being able to attract the very best researchers from all over the world. Research
also needs space. It is essential that the ambition of SJ Business Pals,
with its far-reaching benefits, is not constrained by want of space.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Apr 10, 2019

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

4 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $9.50

Credit risk payment: $57.10



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