Rahab Ndegwa

Kiptagwanyi, Kenya

69% repaid



Rahab Ndegwa

Member since

September 2012

On-time repayments

15 installments  •  53%

About Me

i am married with 3 children ,2 are schooling and 1 is in nursery school near our home. i live in kiptagwanyi centre plot no,110. in this plot is where i have a general shop.my shop is located in juakali place where there is many people who do business like blacksmith and other handwork,i am near Abraham oil and lubricant shop so he is my neighbor.my shop is also located in munanda nakuru road we call here kiptagwanyi downtown or juakali.kiptagwanyi is about 43 kilometer from nakuru.nakuru is the major town in the area.in nakuru is where i get thing of my general shop because the price there is cheaper so that i have a profit.being woman in this area i take advantage of female customers and also the old one ,thy prefer my shop because if i give those mother if it is like unga until she pay me back i cant ask them about my money and even she can came and buy tomorrow with cash and i will not ask him about my debt. in that way i got many customers in this area

My Business

my business entail in general shop where by i sell every thing which is used in home and also thing that is used by the people who repair bikes in here and because i am in like industrial i have this thing . like tube glue for the bicycle tubes and many other things like kerosine which is marketable in this area like it is used in the village because thy don’t have electricity

Loan Proposal

i want to add the stock in my shop as this time is harvest time in this area ,i want my customers to get what thy want without going to other shop to look for anything and because i know what they prefer to buy most.like we are approaching festive season and many people change there diet from the one thy used to.i have already introduce in my business another business which i buy cereal, so i will add from the one i have in my store.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Oct 25, 2012

Repayment status


Projected term

18 months



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