Josephine Nyang'au
Nairobi- Ongata Rongai, Kenya
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100% Repaid

Disbursed Amount: $361.00
Date Disbursed: Aug 12, 2012
Repayment Status: On Time
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 13 months
Cost of Loan: $33.77
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Lender Interest: $361.00 at 3.57% annual rate over 13 months = $14.07

Service Fee: $361.00 at 5% annual rate over 13 months = $19.70

Total Loan Cost:
$14.07 + $19.70 = $33.77

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About Me

Am a university graduate, married with three children, i live in Rongai, do Rabbit farming as business, i want to be unique in rearing the rabbits i found this project to be more viable when white meat became scarce and was very expensive to buy thus causing me to start rabbit project for export market,and also local, hence using my earnings to increase my business( buy more rabbits). in my community rabbit was kept by young boys as pets

My Business

I started this business because,its white meat,has the highest percentage of protein,its lean fat content is low,highly digestible, low cholesterol,good source of vitamin B12,few people are in rabbit farming business,hence low competition,and demand is very high,when diseases strike.Medicine,food (Hay) and pellets costs ksh 25,000
sales one rabbit ksh 500
profit for 100 rabbits is 5000

Loan Proposal

I will buy more rabbits,buy pellets,hay, medicine and containers for drinking water,i will also buy some materials for the construction of the rabbit house, that will be lockable so that the rabbits are never disturbed by the parking dogs,i will make a trench that one has to dip her/ his legs before entering the rabbit house, this prevents any attack of the diseases.

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  • Elinor     Sep 2, 2014


    Repaid in full.

  • KirstenShute     Jul 17, 2014


    Josephine repaid her loan on time, plus she is a pleasure to talk to. She seems very dedicated to her work and her volunteer mentor work with Zidisha.

  • KakkoiiCali     Jun 6, 2013


    Very good with updates and communication!

  • hugh1     May 12, 2013


    I completely agree with everything that Markus has written above, but most of all it has been FUN collaborating with Josephine, and I have greatly enjoyed reading her regular entertaining posts. Thank you, Josephine, and good luck with the rabbits!

  • Markus     May 11, 2013


    Josephine Nyang'au turned out to be a model-borrower. Repayments were made in time, overall considered full repayment was done much ahead of schedule. Besides Josephine is a very active communicator (posting comments, giving updates) -so it was a pleasure to fund her project.


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Josephine Nyang'au
Nairobi- Ongata Rongai, Kenya

100% Repaid