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Tezo, Kenya

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Anderson Maitha

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November 2012

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About Me

Am Anderson Mweni Maitha a Kenyan citizen, born in September 26th1986 in Ngerenya ward, in Kilifi county. We are family of 9, sons and daughters and am the fourth born of my family, that is two boys and seven girls. I went to Bate Primary School in Malindi within Kilifi county and completed in 2004 thereafter I joined Chumani Secondary School in 2005 and completed my form four Education in 2008. After then I started as a motorcyclist up to 2010. I engaged in small to generate more income so as to help myself and my family. Am responsible for taking care of my my family since my father died in 2002.

1. Listening Gospel and Soul music
2. Watching football in video cafe and I like most English Premier League, am Sports I like most is football, my favorite league is English Premier, am Manchester United fun and supporting Brazil National team because my Country rarely qualify for the World Cup tournament.

I like most: Beans, Fish and Ugali.

One secret of success in life is to be ready for any business opportunity with no fear of risk taking and beware of manipulators and bullies who try to use their negativity to intimidate and manipulate your thoughts.

My Business

The name of my business is called old traford barber shop the name of my business is because am a football fun of Manchester united football club and the home ground of the club is old traford that's why i named my business after that ground. i started the business in February 2010 and its located at Mtwapa town adjacent to Mombasa city the headquarters of coast province. The services i provide is shaving: international cuts, perfect gentlemen cuts,simple cuts etc. this is the only standard barber shop in the area that's why most residents prefer to receive quality services from my business premises. the profitability of the business arises from the fact that i don't deal with fragile and perishable products. the only expense incurred is, the premises rent, service fee for the shaving machines and the license fee. there are no risk apart from electricity shock circuit . the approximate amount per month is 35,000 Kenya shillings. after all expenses the net profit is 30,000 Kenya shillings.i intend to improve the services i offer so as to cope up with the competition arising from other barber shops within the area and that's why am applying for the loan from Zudisha micro finance and i hope this will increase my monthly income to ensure that i face my needs without any problem. this being the month of December holidays, most people in the area prefer to shave in different styles so as to be in fashion and enjoy the holidays and all the fashion cuts are available in my business (old traford barber shop). Am happy to tell my lenders that a part from my main business(Barber shop) I found market for a new business(Splitting wood loggs using a power saw) and I would like to invest in this business so as to expand and increase my income.

Loan Proposal

i will use 50% the proposed loan to buy two new shaving machines to make my work run smooth, 10% of it will be used to buy a carpet which the one am using now is torn and it inconveniences customers leave alone disturbing when cleaning the premises. the remaining 40% will be used to purchase other things that support the running of my business like methylated spirit, razor blades among others. i promise to utilize the money as stated above if privileged to be among the beneficiaries of zidisha loans.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jun 2, 2013

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On Time

Projected term

9 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $100.08 at 5.00% annual rate over 9 months = $3.93

Service fee: $2.75




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