Alice Wakonyo

Rongai, Nakuru, Kenya

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Alice Wakonyo

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August 2010

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About Me

I am Alice Wakonyo Mwangi aged 43years living at Rongai waka estate. i’m single with 2 wonderfull daughters. as a single woman I experience so many difficulties especially after the death of my husband in our early years of our marriage it has been very difficult for me to raise the children alone especially their education.
As days went by I decided to start a small business in 2004 of a small shop using a small capital of 4,000 sh that I was lent my father in law. Within an year my business had picked and I had saved 15,000 sh as profit. I ploughed back the profit and I could afford to pay for the fees of the two daughters who were in school. It was well untill 2008 during the post election violence that affected the country and mostly our area Rongai and I lost about sh.50,000 some of my properties were looted e.g weighng machine of weighinng consumer goods ; 50 loaves of breads and three crates of sodas .Some of my clients also dIssapeared with huge debts and they were finally resettled in other areas of kenya as internally displaced persons (IDP).

My Business

My business is a mini supermarket located at Waka centere at the junction of Rongai Visoi and worker Tavot road I get very many customers because the business is strategicaly located and my prices are low for an ordinary Mwananchi( citizen). My shop is a multiporpose one and I also stock other local goods such as plastic shoes playing cards and scatch cards.
The business has helped me alot that if I can get any aid to boost it can be more better. I do sell 5 bundles of wheat flour,50kg suger and 90kg maize meal a day.the estimated daily Sales are 12,000 to 15,000 that makes a total of 70,000 to 105,000 a week. The annual income is approximately 60,000 to 80000.
I also give the service by taking some item to the homes of my customers that need a faster means of transport all the same I use bicycle to transport the goods.I have two assistant who i pay 300 sh a day. They always report early at 7a.m arranging thing in order weigh sugar, rice, fat, maize floor and later transporting goods to the customers. Their evening offtime is always at 5p.m.
I am always happy with the bussines, as it has been my life. It has helped to develop,educate the children, have builed me a home and assisting my aged parents.

Loan Proposal

I will use the money to increase my inventory as follows : soda 20000,wheat flour 25000,sugar 35000,cooking fat and oil 20000 and other things like sweets chocolate,salt juice will have to be bought with the remaining amount the reason as to why i have decided to buy a huge stock is because at the moment ,commodities are being sold at low prices but with time the prices will hike as we are approaching the months which have more celebration events and thus people will be required to buy more goods to satisfy their wants but due to high prices the will not able to do it, so am intending to capture more customers as i will not increase prices for the commodities.i hope my loan will be funded .thank you in advance






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Classic Loan

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Nov 5, 2012

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On Time

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12 months

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Lender interest: $1,337.58 at 5.29% annual rate over 12 months = $70.95

Service fee: $46.79



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Sep 17, 2013


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