Johnson Ndegwa

Gilgil, Kenya

100% repaid



Johnson Ndegwa

Member since

June 2011

On-time repayments

96 installments  •  51%

About Me

I am a focused, hardworking Kenyan citizen man aged 28 Years, single and a holder of national diploma in computer science. In addition to this i have acquired professional certification courses in Information Technology from KASNEB in Kenya and several certifications in the information technology field.
After graduating from college, formal employment was not forthcoming and this gave me a big challenge to start my business. I also wanted to enlighten the youths and the general younger generation in my area about Information Technology Skills and how they can use them to fight poverty hence reducing crime and contributing to the national economy.

My Business

I run a computer business providing various services to the local community.The services provided by my business includes all Cybercafe services i.e Photocopy, Internet services, online filling of government forms,Scanning and printing. I also offer Information technology training where i impart the local community with computer skills. I also repair computers mainly for schools in the entire region and also offer consultancy services pertaining to information technology.
Many customers in the area prefer my business because i offer affordable services to them as my business is aim is to serve the society and profits comes second. My business offer professional services to the customers hence my products and services are always in great demand. Currently i have a pool of three energetic, highly skilled employees who assist me to run my business.
The major risk my business faces is high cost of doing business in Kenya, starting with very high electricity costs and rising house rents. In addition to this the cost of consumable products have gone high thus reducing the profit margin of my business.
The operating expenditure of this business is approximately Kshs 40,000 per Month, with a generating revenue/income of Kshs 82,000 per month.

Loan Proposal

If granted this loan money, i will use the loan money to expand my business by purchasing more computers and opening more branches in the rural towns of Kenya.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Aug 6, 2011

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

12 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $970.04 at 2.78% annual rate over 12 months = $26.97

Service fee: $35.85



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  • Johnson Ndegwa    Jan 23, 2017

    Happy new year 2017 to all the Zidisha community, let's work hard to improve our society.

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  • Brian    Feb 3, 2016

    Johnson, I wish you a very happy 2016. I respect you for wanting to "up your game" and pay off this loan, thank you.

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  • Johnson Ndegwa    Jan 29, 2016

    Happy 2016 to all the Zidisha community members . This year has come with blessings where business once more is becoming vibrant again. In return, i want to up my game in clearing the Zidisha loan as i continue to expand the business. Thanks to you all for your support.

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  • Johnson Ndegwa    Jan 8, 2015

    My business is not performing so well at the moment. Money obtained from the previous loan was all invested in the business that is really down since the month of October last year.I however hope that things will show up from the month of march and resume with my normal payments in which I aspire to complete all my payments as soon as possible. I however remain great full to the entire Zidisha community for the support that they have continued to give me despite the many challenges I have been facing. I am sure will be even more stronger and my business will thrive too as it has been doing in the previous years.

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  • calvero    Jan 2, 2015

    Hi Johnson, we still haven't heard from you. This seems unusual since you have such a good history. Is everything alright with you and your business?

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    • Johnson Ndegwa    Jan 8, 2015

      Dear Calvero, I am sorry for the delay in reply, I have not been able to access the internet nor my account for the last few months as I had a sickly member of my family, but however, things are showing up now and will resume my normal payments.Thank you very much for your concern.

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      • calvero    Jan 14, 2015

        Good to hear from you! Sorry to hear about your sick member of the family. I hope things are going better!

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    • Johnson Ndegwa    Jun 21, 2016

      Hello Calvero, I remain grateful to you and the entire Zidisha community. The business was down but for now things are showing up and i have restarted repaying my installments.

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  • calvero    Nov 27, 2014

    Hi Johnson, it's been over two months since your last repayment - could you give us an update on your business?

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  • Johnson Ndegwa    Jul 22, 2014

    Thank you all and the zidisha community at large.I am doing fine and my business is doing good.

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  • James Morara Onchangu    Jun 29, 2014

    You inspire me Johnson. I am in handcrafts business...

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  • Johnson Ndegwa    Apr 15, 2014

    Dear Zidisha Administrator, please note that i have never used this reschedule platform again,i wish to temporarily reschedule my loan repayment from the current KES13,641 to KES 5,800 starting from this month April 2014.This unfortunate rescheduling has been occasioned by the fact that my wife got seriously sick last week on 4th April 2014, and got admitted to hospital for close monitoring.This has turned out to be very expensive for me because it is costing me KES 6,000 per day for the far she has been and will be in hospital.I am however hoping things will be OK and she will be well so that i reschedule my loan back to normal payment.I thank you for your understanding and continuous support.Thanks.

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  • Brian    Apr 5, 2014

    Johnson, I am pleased to see that you are (as always!) paying off your loan on time. I hope your business is going well. Have you expanded your range of accessories, or started outsourcing? All the best.

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    • Johnson Ndegwa    Apr 7, 2014

      Hi Brian, thanks a lot for your concern, yes i have expanded the range of my accessories, actually i have opened a new shop now specializing in a wide variety of accessories.I thank you for your continued support.Regards.

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  • Johnson Ndegwa    Nov 6, 2013

    Calvero,Imaaseide,Universal1,Pierfausto,Bugsheep,Tinna,Briandez to mention but a few together with all the other lenders,i thank you so so much my dears for the loving and kind heart that you have for me. Thank you for your bids and please note that i really appreciate this kindness and all the bids that you have extended to me. I promise to repay on time and to use the money as per my loan proposal as this is the only way i can say thank you to you my lenders. Thank you a lot and be blessed.

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  • Johnson Ndegwa    Nov 5, 2013

    My dear lenders thank you so much for the far you have brought me, you have drastically promoted my business thus raising my living standards.Thanks alot for all your bids that i have received so far. At 74% and with one day to go, it is my humble prayer and hope that i will get the rest before the lapse of time. May God bless you so so much.

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  • Johnson Ndegwa    Nov 4, 2013

    To my dear lenders, i thank you so so much for your dedication and the giving hearts that you have. I do not take this for granted and the only way i believe i can say much thanks to you is being committed to repaying the loan in full when advanced to me as well as improving my business thus living standards. This i promise i will absolutely do as i have been doing with the previous loans you extended to me. With two days to go before the closing of my loans bid, it is my humble prayer that i will have obtained the remaining part of about $1,033.57 so that my bids do not expire. Once more, i thank you so so much and may you be blessed my dears.

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  • Johnson Ndegwa    Nov 1, 2013

    PascalC, Errol, Navigator,LRMike,Southern,Elcico,Giaco and the rest of my dear lenders. I do really appreciate your kind hearts. May you be blessed so much by the amazing kindness that you have for me and for other Zidisha borrowers. Thank you very much.

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  • Johnson Ndegwa    Oct 29, 2013

    Dear Sven Waage and other Zidisha lenders. I really appreciate your much needed support. Thank you so so much and may you be blessed by the almighty and increase your resources many times. I remain very grateful to you my dear lenders.

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  • Brian    Oct 27, 2013

    Johnson, I am pleased to be able to support your hard work with this third loan. I trust that you will be as successful this time as you have been on the previous loans.

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    • Johnson Ndegwa    Oct 29, 2013

      Brian, thank you so so much for always being on my my side. I really appreciate and i promise to work even harder to make my third loan to be a success. Thank you and be blessed.

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  • Johnson Ndegwa    Oct 27, 2013

    To all my dear lenders, first of all, i take this special opportunity for once again standing with me to fund my third loan. Thank you so so much for your kindness and may you be blessed abundantly. I know by the time the bid period elapses, my loan will be fully funded courtesy to you lenders. Thank you so much.

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  • Johnson Ndegwa    Oct 14, 2013

    To the Zidisha community, today is a very important day to me. The reason of the importance of this day is that i am making my final repayment of the loan that was advanced to me last year a time like this.What is more important is what that second loan did to my life through my business. I have seen a real change or transformation as far as my economic ability is concerned. The loan was a real blessing to me whereby i was able to expand my business significantly to a level whereby it can break even thus able to cater for all the expenses including the loan repayment and left with something that i can save. This has been enabled by this dear community and i am saying thank you very much for bringing me this far. As i finish the repayment of my second loan, i will come back to this dear community once more for the advancement of my third loan i know i will be given the opportunity.Thank you very much and may the almighty bless you so so much.

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    • beverly    Oct 20, 2013

      Dear Johnson,

      Thank you for fully repaying your loan. I am so happy that Zidisha is making a difference in your life. Thank you for all your updates about your business and I will be happy to fund your next loan.

      All the best,

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      • Johnson Ndegwa    Oct 27, 2013

        Dear Beverly, thank you so much for your kindness, may God bless you for your support towards my loans. I really appreciate. Thank you

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  • AWeber    Aug 14, 2013

    Hi Johnson -

    I'm glad to see your computer business is doing well. Were you able to invest in some new equipment? I hope everything is good in Gilgil. You are a great member of Zidisha, Keep up the good work!


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    • Johnson Ndegwa    Aug 26, 2013

      Dear Andrew, thank you for your good will. I really appreciate for everything. As communicated earlier, my plan was to purchase new computer equipment apart from expanding my business. I thank God because through the loan money, i was able to purchase a photocopier, new computer and one more Laptop so that i can be able to serve my clients who are far from the locality of my business. I am planning to expand my business further but my first priority currently is to finish the repayment of my current loan so that i can request another one for opening more branches.
      Thank you so much for the entire Zidisha team for the continued support

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  • Johnson Ndegwa    Aug 14, 2013

    Dear Zidisha community, today i have made my second last payment of my second loan and i am planning to take another loan. I thank you for enabling me raise the standard of my living through funding my business. May you be blessed for the good work you are doing.

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