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Mzuri Mbaru

Bokini, Kenya

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Mzuri Mbaru

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March 2013

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31 installments  •  10%

About Me

My name is Mzuri Mbaru Johana,married with five children all are schooling in private school.I live Bokini village in Pingilikani sub-location in Mwarakaya location,Chonyi Division in Kilifi county.I'm a tailor by profession trained to grade 1.Education wise ,I did Grade 1 in tailoring.I started this business basically to earn a living/improve my life and also to assist the less fortunate people in my locality.I purchase various items from the earnings of my business such as:material fabric; cotton,tetrex,tetron,satin,silk,kitenge,kanga,kikoi,suiting-material,perch-skin,viscose pareo,wool,linen,heavy and light go-get etc I buy other items and services such as food,water,medicine,vegetables,pay for transport and school fees for my children etc.I hope to buy several and operate tailoring shops for better income

My Business

My business is tailoring,this business involves running of tailoring machines for commercial purposes.In this business normally experts make clothes out of clothes materials known as material-fabric.In tailoring shop I repair and make clothes sometimes for sell and sometimes for service charge only.There is demand for either the clothes(goods) or the service because in the end of the day people have to wear attires to attend to various functions daily.My customers prefer to my business because I'm a trained tailor and I make all sorts of clothes in their appropriate fashions at a reasonable prices.The business is profitable because one material-fabric can cost me ksh:10000/= and after making the clothes can give me ksh:40000/= and this is in a duration of one month only.Risks that face my business are lack of enough money and security.My typical monthly income ksh:40000/= and my monthly expenditure is ksh:25000/= therefore my profit is ksh:15000/= of which can repay Zidisha loan without any problem.

Loan Proposal

i will use half of the granted loan to purchase new materials particularly school uniforms materials, so as customers will be getting materials directly from my shop as they intend to seek the tailoring services from me, this is because i have been having lack of materials and most people have been purchasing them from other places thus reducing my returns. the rest of the loan i will use part of the loan will be used to purchase a new sewing machine and repair two of my machines as most of my machines have been having technical problems which reduced the efficiency in which i have been operating with. so i kindly request zidisha to help me on the same. thanks in advance






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Feb 25, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

5 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $96.87 at 14.84% annual rate over 1 month = $1.38

Service fee: $0.33



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