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George Follonzi

Chumani Village, Kenya

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George Follonzi

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May 2013

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About Me

i was born in afamily of six being the second born.i completed my primary school in 2004 and joined chumani secondary in 2005 and completed the secondary level in 2008. i then joined pwani university the year 2010 where i take diploma in primary education. currently am a teacher at kilifi primary where i serve as a part time teacher. i started my business in 2011 so as to facilitate my basic needs at campus level. the eanings of the bussines are used to improve the business and also in sustaining my basic needs at campus

My Business

MY business is located at chumani stage which is a small tow in between kilifi and malin towns in the kilifi county of kenya. ther goods that ib deal with are maily the food products and litle of medicinal products usually for first aid purposes.the goods are at high demand due to the large population of the town.the boy i employed at the shop is popular in the village and he serve the customers in a polite way thus most people prefer my shop as opposed to the others.the profitability of the business is due to the high sales level while the major risk is expirery of the products.the monthly income is kes 30000 while the expenses accrue to kes10000 hence the profit is about kes 20000

Loan Proposal

i thank all lenders and zidisha team as a whole for the first loan which improved my business. for now am posting another loan request in which the amount will be used as follows.60% of it will be used to improve stock levels in my shop, 20% will be used to construct a extension in front of my shop to add vegetables for sell. the rest will be used for small expenses in the shop like transporting goods from wholesalers to my shop.i hope this loan will improve my business a great level please help in funding it





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Classic Loan

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Apr 7, 2014

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On Time

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5 weeks

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Lender interest: $99.05 at 24.55% annual rate over 1 month = $2.34

Service fee: $0.32



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London, United Kingdom



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May 13, 2014


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May 17, 2014 $20.45 May 10, 2014 $20.45