Improvised new machinary in my business

Annie Wachira

Kayole, Kenya

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Annie Wachira

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August 2014

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About Me

Iam a business lady and i have been doing cyber business for the more than 10 years with good experience in cyber business. I have also experienced your services in financing my business. I have developed some interests in setting a stationery shop to met the demand of customers who come to be served in my office. I also train computer lesson to increase my income. Am a graphic designer.

My Business

I have been in the business offering computer services, Graphic design, designing posters, banners and brochures. I also offer computer lessons to children and adults who want to become computer literates i also train graphic designers who want to specialize in designing field.. Currently i have developed some interests in setting a stationery shop to met the demand of customers who come for services in the cyber. I also take photographs. This business shall raise my income a bit. I would like you to assist me set the business.

Loan Proposal

My Story
I have been offering computer services and graphic design for the last for the 10 years. I have been offering this services for the first years after thieves broke in to my office I started doing some typing in the house collecting jobs from individual people in their business premises, printing for them and delivering in their work place.
I had an old model computer in the house and a 2100 series printer by then. I later got some amount from a friend who lend me to return back with a ten per cent interest and I decided to buy a computer and get a room somewhere to start the business. I started with one machine and one printer which had a capability of scanning, photocopy and printing. The business started growing after sometime and I was able to buy two more computers. I started training some student to get some income to sustain my children.

I thank God for the far he has blessed me I can say he is faithful.

About My Business
My business is small though I do offer a lot of services like typing, photocopy, project writing, business proposal, academic work and also in graphic design I have a lot that like designing banners, posters, hand pills, logos, business card all customized cards and any other thing in printing. I would like to add a new model of machine in my business that has a higher capability of working and can work faster to meet the modern market challenges. I strongly believe that this assistance will help me to get the machines I require and move step by step to higher levels making the business to grow from one level to another. I will keep you informed on the progress of my business.

My Loan Proposal
I have been trying to buy new machines but due to the financial constrains in the days we are living I am not making the ends to meet and so this loan will be a godsend to help me achieve the machine I require and buy some papers to stock in my business. The services I offer are needed in the estate I live because we have all walks of people in the estates, some have computers in house but don’t have the printing services which I offer. Others have no computers and they need their cv made while searching for jobs, photocopies be done and those are the services we offer in my business. Business men/ ladies will always need receipt book, invoice, delivery, quotations for their businesses and also business cards for marketing their business so they will need them be designed for them. Out of the business am able to meet all my bills pay the school fees for my children and also employ one individual in the business. Kindly consider lending me this cash as it will go a very long way into helping me fulfill my lifelong dream.

I will buy a Central Processing Unit with a speed of 3.8 and a 2gb ram worth USD 56,0105, the TFT will be USD 50,4095 and some photocopying papers to support the business one carton USD 19,6037. the balance will be for the miscellaneous .





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Classic Loan

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Aug 21, 2014

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On Time

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14 months

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Lender interest: $150.52 at 5.53% annual rate over 14 months = $9.92

Service fee: $6.41




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