Include a movie store in my cybercafe

Francis Mutuku

Ruaka, Kenya

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Francis Mutuku

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September 2013

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About Me

An IT professional with over 5 years experience in complex & busy IT environments and now working towards becoming an authority in Project Management of Business Systems and IT Service Management. I got thorough knowledge of both hardware and software installation and support. These include:
-Over 5 years experience in support of Servers/Networks/PC hardware and Microsoft & Linux Operating systems .
-Balanced hardware and software training and experience on both MS Windows and Linux platforms
I offer freelance technical and software support to small organizations and also run a cyber cafe and a small stationary shop at the village

My Business

My business is setup is in a small shopping center and comprises of services such as Cyber service and internet solutions printing services, photography, photocopying services and the latest is a movie store, since am the only one offering such services in this shopping center I have no competitor thus making me to have good profits. Typical monthly cost include rent of 40$, electricity bill of 15$, and labor/ wages of 40$. My monthly cost of goods sold is about 250$ and total sales revenue is about 700$. This leaves me with gross profit of about 300$. Apart from this am also venturing in to farming which is in its early stages so far I have onion and water melons which have about two months since plantation and they are doing well

Loan Proposal

I am running a computer business where I offer services such as typesetting, scanning, internet services such as browsing and designing of cards and photocopying services. The demand for these services has been on the rise because of the huge population who are always in need of computer services. I would like to expand this business by including a movie store in my cyber cafe and therefore i would use the money to buy blank DVDs and master DVDs which i will duplicate and sell to my clients, my target from this business will be 34 US dollars per day.





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Classic Loan

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Apr 6, 2014

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On Time

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5 weeks

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Lender interest: $50.02 at 21.09% annual rate over 1 month = $1.01

Service fee: $0.17



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