Increase and diversify stock in my boutique

Judy Chege

Kirigiti, Kenya

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Judy Chege

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April 2014

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89 installments  •  34%

About Me

Judy chege is a young kenyan lady who is ambitious ,humble and go getter who tries to exploit every opportunity that comes her way and above all sees God as her Hero and puts ever trust in Him.
am first born in a family of four a position that equips me fully with responsibility,self reliance and action taker so as to set a good example to a my younger siblings and other youths in my community and the society at large.
Being born and raised in a humble christian background makes respect a core value in dealing with each and every person from all walks of life.

My Business

Mine is a young business i started in January this year in kirigiti,kiambu county in central kenya.
It entails getting clothes i.e official wear,kids and casual wear and resseling them
Clothing being one of the basic needs makes it a viable niche that will always have a receptive market.
Amidst stiff competition clients prefer my clothes because of quality, affordability and more so i make sure each clients order is delivered on time.the business is profitable because i deal with non-perishable goods and there is nothing to loose through sales delay in low seasons.
I need zidisha to loan to help me exp[and my business in getting more stock to meet the outgrowing from clients
Am optimistic of your funding and give my assurance in repaying my loan on agreed time
Thanks zidisha and God bless

Project Proposal

Thank you for your generosity in advance. One, I will use the funds to boost and restock the fast-moving products such as tops and sun dresses. Two, I will diversify and add women's sandals because most of my clients have been enquiring about them a lot. By doing so I am positive my sales will increase and I my profit will raise by about 15-20%.





Project Info

Project Type

Pay It Forward

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

May 29, 2023

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $2.74

Pay It Forward contribution: $2.74


Jackline Maina

Eldoret, Kenya




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  • Judy Chege    May 29, 2023

    Thank you, Jackline Maina and MJ. I appreciate your help in funding my project. Because of your generous help, it is now possible for me to increase and diversify my boutique.
    Many thanks to you two.

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  • Judy Chege    May 25, 2023

    Thank you for supporting my business. I was able to increase my stock and increase my profit by 20%. It was a big boost and used the extra profit to buy extra stock and to increase my brand awareness.

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  • Judy Chege    Feb 16, 2023

    Thank Jane and Alice for making your project possible. I appreciate, the funds will go along way in boosting my business.

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  • Jane Imily Bosire    Feb 16, 2023

    All the best Judy as you expand your business.

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  • Judy Chege    Feb 15, 2023

    Thank you for funding my project. It did help tremendously. I was able to increase my sales. Be blessed.

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  • Judy Chege    Dec 12, 2022

    Through the generous help of the zidisha members, I was able to expand my boutique stock. And I am grateful the business is doing great and promising. I could attract new clients and bring in better quality clothes that are more profitable.

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  • Judy Chege    Aug 20, 2022

    My previous loan helped me add stock for my shop. It was a great boost. Be blessed

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  • calvero    Sep 8, 2014

    Hi Judy. I can see you are far behind on your repayments. Could you give us an update on your business and when you intend to start making repayments again?

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  • Nelly Mwaka    Jul 3, 2014

    Hi Judy, Trust you are doing well and business is also picking. You are three weeks behind, please try and pay so that you are not left so much behind. Otherwise, wishing you well in your endevours.

    Kindest regards

    Nelly Mwaka VM

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  • Judy Chege    Jun 10, 2014

    hi, zidisha team am grateful for your funding.i apologize for late repaying of my loan. am hereby requesting for rescheduling of my loan repayment due to some financial crisis because business has been low .i however promise to cooperate until i repay my loan fully .thanks zidisha God bless and continue with the good work your where i am because you believed in me and my dreams.

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    • Fitri Fauziyah    Nov 4, 2018

      Hi Judy, I saw your message on the forum.
      Are you still unable to adjust your payment?
      Have you tried with Zidisha app?
      You need to atleast adjust to pay lower or pay more to make your schedule become the current as today.
      If you choose to pay more from website it will change all your installment amount at that amount.
      If you have try to adjust it from the app and the website with no result, then please go to your help page and choose technical ticket to ask Zidisha staff help to check it.

      Good Luck

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  • johnhudson    May 9, 2014

    Good luck and I wish you success!

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  • Judy Chege    May 9, 2014

    thank you Britheller,Calvero and Johnhudson for funding my loan fully ,God bless you

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  • britheller    Apr 21, 2014

    Good luck, Judy!

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