Supplying fruits and vegetables from farms to nearby market

Beatrice Waweru

Njoro,egerton Centre, Kenya

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Beatrice Waweru

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May 2014

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37 installments  •  22%

About Me

I am Beatrice Waweru, married with a child. My husband is a Matatu driver. I`m a part time student in Egerton University Main Campus undertaking business management course and also full time business lady in sales and supplies of vegetables and grains in the region.
It's true that sometimes life becomes horrible, confusing and tough but I never thought of giving up. I learn to keep on keeping on like my Mentor Jim Rohn and Dr Myles Munro would say.
I started this business the moment I realized majority of graduates are still tarmacking for years after graduating before landing on any job. I believed that if I can start a small business, with time, I`ll gain experience, confidence and even get capital to expand my business.
Something unique about where I stay is the topography of land is Great Rift Valley with escarpments, and many land features.
Our basic food is called githeri( made of maize grain, beans, groundnuts) we can Raila in the morning, lunch and super the whole week without shifting diet Hahahaha. I like watching motivational talks, playing games to relax my mind.

My Business

Currently, I have an existing business which deserves wide marketing to increase my customer base and purchasing power. My main business is supply of Grains and Green Vegetables from the nearby farms to the market.My great plan with this loan is to ensure I increase daily returns by expanding the customer base. I chose this kind of business because the products have demand and they are cost effective and make part of the most basic need in human life and that`s food. I need to increase number of customers because my supplies are fresh from nearby farms as compared to others who collect from stores. The business is profitable because most of the fresh goods need to be consumed fast before they lose their nutrients content and green nature making their demand rise every day. The risky part is when supply exceed demand which was a case sometimes back because prices fluctuate.I also collect the outputs from greenhouses. My monthly cost is averagely $80, Sales revenue is about $150 and profit of about $90. I use profits in reinventing 30%, saving 20%, 20% in servicing loan and daily up keep the rest. Without investing the loan, I can still repay because of support from my husband and small garden in the School.Kindly support me achieve the goal of marketing my business.

Loan Proposal

When I get the loan,first of all I will expand my capital stock by purchasing fruits and vegetables which has demand but I could not venture in them because of their high cost price.By increasing my stock,I will be able to get huge return automatically.Since I sell my products in and around collage, majority of students too normally promote my business as I am one of them,this gives me a lot of merit over other business competitors hence huge return.
I`m humbly requesting lenders to consider my request because ,it is from this business that I want to expand my market to other regional bordering markets like Molo and Elburgon.I look forward to staying focused to this agreement and ensure I repay the funds promptly.Currently ,I have a monthly return of $90 profits after deductions.With zidisha loan, I will be in a position to gain more just by increasing the stock.
I went to school did a degree course but I shall do business for the rest of my life. With that, I just have to stay focused and work hard everyday.
One day, Egerton university had cultural event,they gave me an order of $1600 to deliver Horticultural products, their payments were done on delivery. I could`t do it because I lacked money to order.Because of good customer relationship,I went with farmers to the collage to deliver and then they get their money instantly.Within one week I had delivered all the demanded products.
This time round, through zidisha,I look forward to expand my capital to capture such a big order.Will be happy to hear and have your support zidisha lenders.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jun 6, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $150.44 at 4.11% annual rate over 6 months = $3.33

Service fee: $2.90

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