Increase operating capital for business of roasting peanuts

George Kiio

Muthwani, Kenya

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George Kiio

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November 2016

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About Me

My life has been interesting and full of hardships.On finishing my primary school my mum could not get fees to take me to secondary school and she tried her way best to get help. Certainly,she was able to find a school for me at Nairobi by name Aga Khan High. The principal agreed to sponsor my education because he could see my potential. Almost before the end of the year he was transferred and I had a fee balance of USD 240 for third term. Unfortunately I didn't seat for my end of year exam and had to travel in rural area having no more hope.I was then able to work as a heardsmen for a year to raise school fees.I worked for USD7 per month for 9 months.I prayed .Luckily as I was set to go back to school the government introduced free secondary school project but we catered for our food feeding program and development of the school. I then successfully enrolled in a rural secondary school in form two which I ended up finishing and got the government higher education sponsorship where its expected of you to pay a minimum total of USD 270 yearly for four years depending on degree program enrolled.The struggle continued on joining university where I paid school fees for myself by hawking roasted and fried peanuts both cooked from the school hostel. I also worked in a construction company paid USD 3 per day on my free days on class timetables and weekends.I learnt a lot from my hardships .I almost stayed for a year without buying clothes.I had occasions clothes and daily use clothes so that I could look decent.I was lucky enough to get supply contract in local supermarkets. I quited this business after finishing higher education and invested on a long term Retail Shop at a local area which has the capability of operating 24 hrs and have been able to employ two people who work on shifts. Am currently an employee in a cyber security company. It seems impossible until is done. I always feel I have a debt to pay. I need to find a way to be able to help those in need. By inviting trustworthy needy people to Zidisha I will have helped dozen and their families too.

My Business

I currently run different businesses . I have a retail stores dealing with food stuffs and fast food and recently opened a cereal stores and is doing very well. I also sell on both wholesale and retail roasted peanuts and peanut butter from my rental house. I am also working in a IT firm with capability of working 24 hrs on shifts. From my retail stores I can get around USD 30 after all deductions monthly. From my recently opened cereal stores I can get up to USD 40 after all deductions per month. From my peanuts business I get USD 7 profit Per sales day. If I don't roast that day then I get nothing. From my full employment I am paid junior staff salary which is averagely between USD 150 to USD 400 per month. I use my profits some times as savings, others I pay school fees for my daughter, sometimes pay salaries to my employees and support church activities including tithe and also helping the needy in the society. I now intend to save for building a family home which may cost up to USD 10,000.

Project Proposal

Dear Lenders, thank you for funding my previous loan and for the moral support granted so far.

I am back requesting for your support in funding my dream company. My peanut roasting company. I would like to raise money to push my company further on higher hights after operating it as a side hustle for the last 10 years.

Please be part of this new company. I will be branding it and adding operating capital and employees.





  • Isabella    Dec 7, 2017

    It all sounds very exciting, George!

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  • Mary    Nov 9, 2017

    George is an excellent Zidisha Borrower. I would recommend lending to any of his loans!

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Pay It Forward

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Oct 10, 2021

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Service fee: $45.22

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Randall Pate

Plymouth, United States

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