Increasing the number of chicks in my poultry business

James Oyango

Mombasa, Kenya

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James Oyango

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March 2017

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About Me

My Name is James Oyango 29yrs old finished my high school in 2009 and later joined college for a CPA course. I had to look for temporary work in order to pay for my college education. from savings i made i manage to bodaboda which gives me income and also start the poultry business. I love adventure.. I choose this type of business because its very marketable in my are there are a lot of hotels and small cafes in my locality and almost all of them sell chicken thus there is already an existing market for this type of business and sure market for the bossiness. Another business is the motorcycle which i use it to offer transportation for people. The amount gained i use it for family spending and also reinvestment.

My Business

Am employed by standard media group. I to have a poultry business were i get additional income plus a motor cycle which gives me income to. The poultry business have been very instrumental to me as it have enable me being able to sustain my self as the income i earn from my employment is very little. Its through Zidisha that my life have been changing from worse to better and with time i hope i will have the great poultry business in my region as will be able to supply more market.

My market include hotels, cafes, butchery and other small scale business with same chicken meat. I have been very instrumental in that market thanks to Zidisha. I to have a motorcycle which give me some additional income to. I use it to transport people. With this income am so sure when granted a loan from lenders then i am sure that i am able to repay the given amounts without any difficulties.

Thank again lenders for supporting me as its true you people that i am who i am hope to work closely with you people and you will keep supporting me and be able to achieve my dream.

Loan Proposal

Hello Lenders, This is another great opportunity for me to bring my proposal to you. My business is a poultry business and through yo u my business have been expanding. As i have a big house for keeping the small chicks i want to increase to no of chicks from the previous 250 chicks to now 400 chicks. 1 chick cost 1usd so 400 chicks will cost 400usd. the rest of the balance which is around 250usd i will use to buy chicks food which a 50kg bag cost 38usd so i will buy 7bags at a total of 250usd for a stater but will letter have to add my savings up to there maturity which is around 4weeks. After deducting expenses i will have a profit of around 380usd. which is good money and this will make it possible to repay my loan on time as i have always done. This will make me be able to sustain my self and family, help me grow my business further and also be able to continue with my college education.. Just want to thank you in advance for funding my loan.





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 1, 2017

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Projected term

46 months

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Service fee: $26.73




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