Incubator for poultry business

George Offei

Agona Swedru, Ghana

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George Offei


Agona Swedru, Ghana

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About Me

My name is George Zephaniah Offei; a native of Agona Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana. I was born and bred in Agona Swedru, Ghana and still lives at Agona Swedru. I am married with two (2) children.

Gentleman of thirty-six (36) years of age who holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Pan African University Collage, Winneba – Ghana, I aim at building a good family and growing my own business.

I am currently the CEO of Gezant Farms Ltd. I used to work with a financial institution by name Nationwide Micro Finance Ltd as branch Operations Officer. Its operations came to an end in 31/05/2019 as a result of banking crisis in my country (Ghana). In addition, I have a joint private printing press business by name Data Publicity Co. Ltd, located at Agona Swedru.

My Business

I currently own two (2) businesses; Data Publicity and Gezant Farms.

Data Publicity was established in the year 2011 after completion of my tertiary education in the year 2010 with a start-up capital of Two Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢2,000.00) through personal savings from my national services. It is a joint business and it is own by my junior brother (Patrick Quaye) and I with an equal capital contribution.

Data Publicity is a printing press business located at Agona Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana. Services offered include sticker printing, flexy banners printing, T-Shirt printing, graphic designing, photocopies, printing of invitation cards, etc.

We currently have a large customer base due to the good interpersonal relationship that I have and still hoping to expand my customer base.

Data Publicity is currently operating with three other staffs with my junior brother (Patrick Quaye) being the General Manager.

Gezant Farms is a Ghanaian owned business which started its operations on March 1, 2018, with the vision of feeding generations with quality and affordable foods. It was later registered on December 21, 2018, with poultry farming being its main business. It is situated at Agona Swedru in the central region of Ghana and operates within the borders of the country; Ghana. It is a joint business own by my wife (Antoinette Offei) and I; with me being the majority shareholder.

Gezant Farms is currently into Quail Farming with over 1,500 birds. One of its main products is QUAIL EGGS from birds known as Quails. Quail eggs, according to scientific research, are the best source of vitamins for human health. Research has also proven that quail eggs contain 13% protein and it is greater than the protein in chicken eggs which only contain 11%. Quail eggs also contain other nutrients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, Zinc, Iron and other beneficial nutrients. Even though quail eggs are small in size, their dietary worth is three to four times more than chicken eggs and are filled with nutrients and minerals. Daily consumption of quail eggs helps fight many diseases and supports the human immune system.

Quail Eggs business has become lucrative in Ghana and is currently competing with other types of egg business especially chicken eggs. Ghanaians have now become aware of the numerous health benefits of Quail Eggs and this has led to an increase in taste and preference of the product over the past years.

Profits generated from this business are used for expansion and Corporate Social Responsibilities.

It is the vision of the company to expand its production and move into other types of poultries such as chicken, turkey, etc.

The company is currently operating with three other staffs with me (George Offei) being the CEO and General Manager.

Loan Proposal

Poultry Farming is one area of Agriculture which can never be left out. It contributes soo much to the Agric sector of most countries including Ghana; my country.

One key issue that comes in mind when setting up a poultry farm is sourcing of day-old chicks. Even though other factors such as cost of structure (farm house), feeding, labour, disease control, etc are key, poultry farmers also put much attention in how and where to obtain their day-old birds. In most occasions, cost of day-old chicks turns to be high when farmers outsource (buy from outside) than they hatch their own eggs (birds). The cost even turns to be very high especially when they (farmers) outsource outside their home country. Over the past years, it has been established that, most poultry farmers in Ghana do outsource their day-old chicks from other countries such as Belgium, USA, etc. Therefore cost of day-old chicks is very high as a result of high port clearing chargers, exchange rate challenges.

In view of the above challenges as a poultry farmer, I plan to set-up my own hatchery business in my community. This will help me reduce cost of production since I could now hatch more birds at a very low cost than buying it at a higher price. In addition, others in my community will also stop buying from other hatchery companies at a higher price; hence increasing their profit margin. This will also help increase my profit margin by roughly 50% since addition service will be added (hatchery service). It will also create employment for others.

Setting-up a hatchery business needs INCUBATORS. These incubators come with various eggs capacities. The higher the capacity, the higher the price. As a started and for commercial purpose, using an incubator with an egg capacity of 528 is okay. Therefore the fund, when approve and disburse to me, will be use as follows:
Purchase of 528 egg capacity incubator = GH¢3,800
Installation Fess = GH¢350
Transportation = GH¢124

I therefore please call on all lenders to help me raise funds to purchase incubator for my poultry business.

My Videos

Aug 1, 2021: Saturday farm activities at gezant farms





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Classic Loan

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Sep 8, 2021

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9 months

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