Intergating crops in my poultry project

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About Me

My names are Nicholas Mwania Makau from mariakani kenya. Completing my high school education and after employed temporary i grew passion to develop my community. In 1999 i mobilized youth in the village and we started a youth organization to help in solving community problems. We did awareness campaigns on hiv/aids and environmental conservation working and collaborating with government and NGOs. I coordinated activities which improved lives at community including youth education on sexual reproductive health, hiv and aids, entrepreneurship and environmental activities. By 2005 most of the youth had left the organization because their was no money paid for the activities done. Luckily a team of young women and out of school youth joined me and we successfully implemented youth programs on hiv and aids, ovc and women development. The projects were funded through USAID>
The funding ran between 2005 and 2009 and when ended i was again left alone when there was no money to pay volunteers.
This did not kill my passion to help my community. I continued with regular visits to my targets and educating and sometimes linking family members to support services. In all the time i was assessing how i can contribute a lasting change to the community. In 2015 the answer i got was to make people become self sufficient on income and food. But can i make people change while i only depend on what learnt from books and workshops? I made up my mind that before people practices what you teach, you must show examples to be followed. Thats why am actively engaged on improving my skills and practices on agribusiness.

My Business

My previous loans were used to implement local poultry breed project. And in this project i would like to integrate crop farming in my poultry project.
Keeping of poultry together with crop farming will increase my income hence contributing to life improvement.
I am going to put in place a perimeter fence for my chickens, cultivate maize, cowpeas and vegetables. Iwill purchase some farm equipments and pay for manual labour.
It is my aim to sell more chickens to local market and open new market in the near future. produce of farm crops will provide food to family and chickens and sell of surplus to generate income.
The profits willgo to improve my housing structure, provide health care to my family and educate my son.

Loan Proposal

The loan proposal is the expansion of my existing projects. i am keeping poultry and doing crop agriculture. I want to do both activities because each will depend on the other. The grains i will produce will be fed to chickens and i will use chicken waste as manure to increase fertility in my farm.
The project will involve purchase of of equipment, materials and some manual labor.
Breakdown of expense will be as follows.
Chain linkwire-170
seeds and applications-127
Chicken meals-170

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  • Corina King     Jun 23, 2015


    i enjoyed reading your story Mwania. You have a good head for business and a good heart toward helping others.I hope the new addition of chicken breeds boosts business, your family income, and enables you to continue your good work with the HIV/AIDS awareness capaigne and youth education. Good luck and best wishes to you..

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Intergating crops in my poultry project

Mwania Makau
Mariakani, Kenya

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