For painting my shop & introducing shoes into my stock

Raisa Ochieng

Nakuru, Kenya

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Raisa Ochieng


Nakuru, Kenya

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About Me

I'm Raisa Ochieng' a first born in a family of three. I was born in 1988 24th December. I cleared primary school in the year 2001. Joined high school in the year 2002 and cleared in 2005. My dad, a retired pharmacist retired when I had hardly cleared primary education. My mom a tailor, struggled to take me through high school. Due to always being sent home for school fees, I missed lots of lessons and therefore didn't perform as I had expected in high school. I got a mean grade of C minus. After that I volunteered at my previous primary school as a volunteer teacher. It is then that my colleagues raised cash and saw me through college. I joined Nairobi Aviation college to study Mass communication. I cleared my diploma course in 2010. Due to scarcity of jobs, I decided to venture into business. I would buy air fresheners and sell in carwashes. I got married to my husband in 2011, in 2012 we were blessed with a baby boy, it is then that my husband gave me capital to set up my retail shop. I believe since there are scarcity of jobs I could create job opportunities for the youths

My Business

Its mainly a retail shop. The shop is just within the court that I stay in.I set up this shop since there's none around and people would walk long distance for essential commodities.I sell majorly foodstuffs like bread, milk,buns, eggs, rice, flour, toiletries, stationery. With the help of Zidisha, I have managed to incorporate cereals in the shop. I'm looking forward to make it a wholesale shop with the help of Zidisha.I have also recently in cooperated ice lollies in the shop which boost me so much. I have a boy whom I have employed at the shop to held him with his basic needs

Loan Proposal

During the heated Corona pandemic lockdown. I introduced a few pairs of shoes to my stock. The shoes moved so well and I was very much encourage. I therefore intend to use 12000 to stock 50 pairs of shoes. The remaining 3000 I will use to paint the shop to attract more clients. Looking forward towards positive feedback toward this loan which will be highly appreciated










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Falun, Sweden



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Jul 12, 2021

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On Time

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3 months

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Service fee: 5% of $134.40 = $6.72

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