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Gideon Sarfo

Kumasi, Ghana

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Gideon Sarfo


Kumasi, Ghana

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About Me

In my childhood it was not simple to grow up but GOD has me in everything am doing.When i was in school i was every good in class,each time i try as much as possible to get 3rd to 8th position in class always.I overcome hardship in a way that my grandfather was a farm so i use to go to farm with him always because of that he gave me a big land of plot to farm on it.Because of that It has help me to achieve an important goal in my life.At first this business was for my late Grandfather who handed it over to me when he was about to passby.Thing which is unique about our land is that every Tuesday we does not go to the farm to work.Am a guy of 20 year am not having children to give money to.My hobby is that i always do things to help other and am very honest person.

My Business

Am a farmer and i always plant maize in every season,which is been planted two times in a year.I always provide maize which is been giving to school and osoba Food services and is as a services.These goods and services is useful because, it help people to get job and also it is demanded because human being has to eat daily in and daily out , this is the way which makes the good and service useful.I choose this kind of business because my grandfather handover to me and it also help to get profit. sometimes it cost about7000 and the revenue will also be 12000. 70 percent of the profit goes in to my investment because am not have any child ,because of that help me to improve my home with few amount...........................................The goods i always provide is maize in every season .These goods and services are useful and demanded because it help people to get job to do and end money,it also help the farms to feed their animals like hens.It also help in the cooking of food.I choose this business because it bring money a lot .My sometime it cost about 7000 and the revenue is 12000.Most of the profit goes to in to my investment because am not having any children to money to,because of that help me to improve my home with amount.

Loan Proposal

I will use this loan to buy sacks which i will pack the maize inside and also i will buy small packaging sacks which i will use package the maize and send to market sell.The benefit is that i will get money from it and my works will also get their paidment and those who the goods will also get food to eat.As is for business i will expect my profit toincrease by 30 percent.

Income Source

In this coronavirus time we always working in our farms ,because every day every person has to eat something and the thing the person will eat is a food so we the farms we go to the farm and work so that people can get thing to eat and live long.So in this corona time farm we always go to work ,because of that i can repay my loan on time





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Classic Loan

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Aug 10, 2020

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1 week

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Service fee: $11.17

Credit risk payment: $8.81

Optional expediting fee: $11.17




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