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Eunice Turkson

Odorkor, Ghana

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Eunice Turkson

Member since

June 2014

On-time repayments

211 installments  •  12%

About Me

My name is Eunice Esi Turkson being single since the time that l was brought to this world that explains that am not marriage. . I have completed Junior and Senior High School. l am from Saltpond, central region ,Ghana. l live at Odorkor,Accra. When l finished school l search for job and due to unemployment situation in my country l could not find one so l decided to have my own business. Now , l have set up my own shop in which l sell, milo,Gari, rice, Bread, eggs, soft drinks, soap, canned food and many more.I do like eating rice with roasted chicken and some toasted bread.
l do like going out with my friends. l like swimming as my hobbies and playing snookers.l also enjoy travelling as well .l do like listening to cool music .l want my friend to be sincere, faithful, caring, kind and a romantic who knows and understand love as well and can be tolerance in all things

My Business

I started doing business when l searched for job when l completed Senior High school and l could not find one due to unemployment problem in my country. I set up my own shop in which l sell ,milk , milo,Gari, rice, Bread, eggs, soft drinks, soap, canned food and many more. My business is profitable and l need more income to expand it so that l will increase my income and profit. My daily income is GHC 600 and monthly income is GHC 18000 .l make about GHC 2000 PROFIT a month. I set up this shop in my community because there are a lot unemployment in my area and l want to expand this business so that l will employed more people. I have employed 2 people.people in my area prefer my business because of the good relationship l have with them and my commodities are affordable.the risk is lack of capital to expand the business and also security.When l got loan from Zidisha it will benefit me and my will increase income and my customers will always come to buy from me because l will all that they need in my shop.

Loan Proposal

my first loan helped me a lot. .l use the loan to add commodities like Milo, Gari, Rice ,Bread to my shop. l will use this second loan which is Ghc679 to buy commodities like , milo,Gari, rice, Bread, eggs, soft drinks,milk, soap, canned food and so on to stock my shop. There are a lot of people who in my area who need this things on high demand. When l have more of this commodities it will increase my capital that will help me get more profit so that l will be able to repay zidisha loan and ,save some for my future children and reinvest into my business.l would like to ask the lenders to lend me this money because it will bring more benefit to me and the people in my community.l would like to expand the business by increasing commodities and employ more people. Please, lenders, l really need Your assistance to make this dream a reality..Thank you all the lenders and Zidisha for giving me this great opportunity.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Nov 18, 2014

Repayment status


Projected term

45 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $227.00 at 9.48% annual rate over 45 months = $81.41

Service fee: $16.33

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