Inventory in food stuffs and canned sodas for my restaurant

Peris Nduta Ngaruiya

Olkalau,nyandarua County, Kenya

15% repaid



Peris Nduta Ngaruiya

Member since

January 2015

On-time repayments

104 installments  •  8%

About Me

Hallo to you all.My name is Peris Nduta Ngaruiya.I was born in Nyandarua County,where i went to school in Kahuruko academy and after scoring good in my K.C.P.E(359 points), I later joined Njambini Mixed secondary school for my O level certificate.I am a permanent resident of Ol-Kalau,Nyandarua County,Central part of Kenya.I am a God fearing mother of two children and a strong Church member of St.Lukes Anglican Church of Kenya,Kiamumbi parish.Thank you.

My Business

Hallo to you business comprises of working in a hotel industry.I own a small restaurant here at the Ol-kalau Shopping Centre,Nyandarua County,Kenya-East-Africa.My hotel is well known by the name Tam-Tam Restaurant.I have been in this business for one and eight months now,and i can say that in this industry,one can do much so long as you satisfy the customers accordingly.In my hotel you can get food like,mixed rice,githeri,chips,chapatis & beef,tea,sausages,meat-pies,samosas,bottled sodas & canned sodas.I have two casual workers who i pay them on weekly basis beside myself working as team players.Most of my customers are the residents,Industrial workers around,and the visitors.
In a busy month i can get a profit of kshs.9,000 to 12,000.This is after i pay all my workers add more raw food stuffs,and pay business rent.The profit i get,normally i pay my home rent,bills,and i save some for my future.
Through the support from zidisha team, i will add more food stuffs as well as introduce another African food delicacies in my restaurant.Also i will buy bulk canned sodas from the distributor so that i can reduce the selling price,since they sell at a reasonable price and in bulk.This will make my restaurant get more customers and also get good profit.Thank you in advance.

Loan Proposal

Hallo to you all.I humble appreciate the entire Zidisha fraternity for your kind consideration in supporting my restaurant business.I am now sure that my restaurant will be having all what the customers are demanding when they are ordering their favorite delicacy foods of drinks.
For the loan you are funding me,I am budgeting as follows:
a)-10 kilos of Vietnam rice at Kshs.1,200
b)-5 kilos of beef meat at Kshs.2,500
c)-48 pcs assorted canned sodas at Kshs.2,352.
d)-5 kilos Beans & 10 kilos dry maize at Kshs.1,600.
Thank you and plese,fund my business.God bless you in advance.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jan 21, 2015

Repayment status


Projected term

24 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $100.16 at 4.68% annual rate over 24 months = $9.43

Service fee: $7.45



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  • Joel Irungu    Apr 14, 2015

    Dear lenders; I have tried to reach this borrower without success, but I was able to reach MAKHOHA INDACHI who this borrower has cited as a reference and left a message for this member to try as much as possible to come back on track; because this reference has informed me PERIS is okey its only that her business is down.

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  • Peris Nduta Ngaruiya    Apr 9, 2015

    I am kindly requesting zidisha team to look into my loan page and kindly reschedule it.The business for now is somehow slow in sales and i am experiencing a hard moments as i am giving the goods on credit,making my customers to pay while they are late.I will change the mode of payments once the business pick up soon.Thank you all

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  • Joel Irungu    Apr 6, 2015

    She has sent her payment on Monday 04-04-2015, I hope you will stick to your schedule although we are passing through a tough time here in Kenya due to low business performance.

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  • Peris Nduta Ngaruiya    Mar 2, 2015

    Hi my good lenders.Today being on Monday, I sent my weekly installments and i hope that it will reflect immediately to my loan page.Kindly accept my apology for the delay payments.Thank you all.

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    • Joel Irungu    Mar 24, 2015

      Peris kindly note that, posting a comment is not a solution for late repayment. If you want to qualify for credit increment in future, kindly stick to your repayment schedule and if the unseen situation happen and you find yourself in a situation that you cannot be able to repay your loan, it is important to reschedule your repayment to avoid be seen as if you are defaulting

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  • Joel Irungu    Feb 27, 2015

    I have been trying to reach this Member but her phone is not going through, please lenders give her some more time to respond to my calls

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    • Peris Nduta Ngaruiya    Mar 3, 2015

      sasa joel,I have paid my arrears but I'm not happy by ua ways of commenting kwa zidisha/lenders.My phone ilianguka kwa maji thats why i am mteja.Anyway the business is running efficiently only a glitch ya hapa na pale ndio nilichelewa.Thanks my VM and Good day.

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  • Peris Nduta Ngaruiya    Feb 19, 2015

    Hallo to all the zidisha fraternity.It is my humble request for a smaller amount for the next two weeks.The hitch was caused by the low turn out of my customers since they had been relocated because of the drainage system that is going on in my area.I believe that the normality will resume as they had promised us after the two weeks lapses.Thank you in advance for the consideration.

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  • Joel Irungu    Feb 3, 2015

    Dear lenders, I have spoken to Peris and she will be submitting her installment ASAP.

    Thank you lenders for your patience
    Joel VM

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  • Peris Nduta Ngaruiya    Jan 20, 2015

    Thank you so much lender howard for your contributions and for the support.Your funds are kindly accepted.Thank you

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  • Peris Nduta Ngaruiya    Jan 20, 2015

    thank you Johannes Lange for your contributions and support towards my loan.I am happy for your good start and trust you have in me,God bless you.To the other lenders please welcome and bid my loan.Thank you in advance.

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  • Peris Nduta Ngaruiya    Jan 20, 2015

    To all the lenders,
    Kindly my dear lenders i welcome you all to participate in my loan funding.I cannot miss to wait my small business grow under your support.Thank you in advance and please bid for my loan.Thank you.

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