Increase inventory of bulk electrical accessories & M-pesa float

Lydiah Nasimiyu Wamalwa

Langalanga Estate, Kenya

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Lydiah Nasimiyu Wamalwa

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August 2013

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About Me

Hallo Zidisha fraternity and the kind lending panel.My names are Lydiah Nasimiyu Wamalwa.I come from Nakuru County,Rift-Valley Province,Kenya,at a place called Langalanga estate.I am a single mother of one child who is called Teddy Wamalwa.Teddy is in class 7 at St.Xaviours Academy.
I come from a humble christian family foundation.I am the third born and we are Eight in number altogether in a our family,including my mother and my father.I am currently doing my own business which is selling electrical accessories and an M-pesa services ( withdrawing & depositing money through mobile phone)for my daily living needs.Thank you

My Business

After i completed my college level academics,i chose to open a business here at Langalanga Estate,Nakuru which deals with electrical accessories and an M-pesa services in year 2010.I have partitioned the 15*12 squared room into two parts.
In my electrical shop i sell sockets, bulb holders,cables,florescent bulbs,energy saving bulbs,cut-outs,wiring cables of all sizes e.g-0.05mm,1.00mm, and 1.05mm,among other electricity appliances.
In my M-pesa section,i offer M-pesa services (withdrawing & depositing money using mobile platform,Safaricom).It includes sending money and withdrawing money using mobile phone through the services rendered from the Safaricom limited.The trans-actions involves the Kenyan currencies and only available to the Safaricom lines only.I have been in this business for from the year 2010 and even today i have been depending on to this business for my family daily needs.
From a normal monthly sales and M-pesa services,i get to almost Kshs.85,000/=.After i restock my electrical shop and adds the M-pesa float, i get up to almost Kshs.24,000/= as my net profit.Out of the profit i get i pay my business rent,County annual license fee,my child's school fees,home rent and electricity bills and water.Then i am left with an average of Kshs.17,180/=.
From the net profit,i am comfortable that i will be able to be servicing my loan without any problem.I am also planning to extend my shop in terms of adding more electrical accessories which are on higher demand within.Through the Zidisha empowerment,i am sure that my business will grow much higher and i will also increase my M-pesa float to maximize my daily running capital.Thank you all in advance and it's my prayer that you will consider my business and fund it.Thank you.

Loan Proposal

Thank you Zidisha Microfinance team for your continuous support in empowering me through the zidisha loans.I was able to expand my small business to grow more courtesy of the Zidisha loan.
Now I am back again to kindly request for your support in my third loan. Part of the loan will go directly in purchasing more bulky electrical accessories at Kes.20,000(In U.S.D=201), The other part will be used in boosting the M-pesa float at Kes.15000(In U.S.D=150.75), then the other Kes3,600 (In U.S.D=36.20) will be used to renew my business license .I am certain that after I purchase the electrical goods in bulk from the local distributor,I will also pass the benefit to my loyal customers,which will make me sell the goods at a discounted prices.This will make my daily sales to improve more ,thus making me to service my loan without any difficulties because of the good profit .
My customers and the neighboring communities will also benefit from the electrical shop since everything they will need will be available to them and at a lower prices,compared to my other competitors within.I am kindly inviting my worthy lenders to contribute to my loan to facilitate me expand my small electrical shop and M-pesa services to expand more.Thank you all in advance for your continuous and generous support.God bless you all.






Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Nov 3, 2015

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On Time

Projected term

7 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $15.11


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