Inventory of meat supplied for my butchery business

Moses Ongeri Nyabuto

Kawangware46, Kenya

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Moses Ongeri Nyabuto

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January 2015

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58 installments  •  7%

About Me

I grew up in Umoja inner-core and went to study in Uganda. When I cam back, I had a rough time getting a job. I got several contracts that were nonrenewable. I became a very frustrated man. As frustrated as I was, I met my wife and ever since she has been supportive of my challenges with contracts. When we got our baby boy who is one year old now, I decided to be a stay home dad. It became more frustrated when my neighbor would gossip me saying am a house maid. I decided to talk to my wife about it and she gave me a business idea and assisted me with some capital for my business.
I live in a Muslim culture, It is a very interesting culture and with my butchery business, I never sell pork since it is prohibited in their culture. They are very supportive customers.
I see my one year old son trying to fix things in the house, he will probably want to be an engineer.
I work out at the nearest gym in Kawangware called Gold gym.

My Business

I sell Halal meat and other dairy products such as eggs.
They are useful and in demand because there are only three butcheries in the busy neighborhood and I can close my business upto to 10pm.
Butchery business is suitable for me and I love doing it.
My typical costs include: Buying meat from Dagoretti meat market, business permit, food and health permit,rent, paying electrical bills .
I use the profits to pay for my son's education policy which am saving up for.

Loan Proposal

What I will buy with the loan is meat stock. I have never bought a lot of meat with this kind of money before. With this kind of money, I can buy up to 20 kilograms of meat. Before I used to buy just 10 kilos and by the end of the day, the customers would go to another butchery because my meat was already out of stock. The butchery business sells a lot in the evening but at that time, I had closed for the day. At least with this money, i can be able to open up to evening.
The Meat stock will cost around- $ 45
Additional meat in my butchery business will profit my business because there will be additional customers.
My profit will increase to 5%.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jan 27, 2015

Repayment status


Projected term

13 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $50.08 at 11.68% annual rate over 13 months = $6.60

Service fee: $2.09



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