Inventory of more dry maize & rice for my customers

Peter Gioko Kimotho

Menengai,kenya, Kenya

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Peter Gioko Kimotho

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December 2013

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About Me

My name is Peter Gioko Kimotho.Iam a Christian in religion and a husband to Veronicah Waceke Gioko.I come from a humble family background.We attend Wild-Wide Gospel Churchof Kenya here in Menengai,Kenya
I started schooling in my early age of seven years in class one in Bondeni primary School.Later after doing my final examination in class Eight i was enrolled in Flamingo secondary School in Nakuru Town until i performed my KCSE,which i attained a mean Grade D+.
After the school there was no where to go for the college since my parents had no enough money to cater for my college fees,it is then i decided to look for an employment within the Town.I got one and worked for seven years and later i quit for my own business.

My Business

Since i started my own business in the early 2010,I have been passionate in what i do in my society.That is why i started a Posho-Mill to mill maize corn to become maize flour.I also sell other dry farm products like rice,beans and njahi My business is registered .by the County by-laws and regulations.I have been in this business for 4 years now.The business is profitable especially on the harvesting seasons.Through this business i have managed to take care of my family daily needs and also to cater for my parents daily needs back in rural home and save some after the profit for future improvement of our lives.The business also have its own challenges and i may quote some which includes,insufficient cash flow when harvesting seasons comes for buying the dry grains in large quantities.(2)Demands of the commodity in the area(3)Lack of good transportation mode of the goods from the farms.My last months sales are as follows:
(a)Total sales and services for December: Ksh.62,000.

(b)Total expenses month of December(business house rent, electricity,water, watchman=49,280 )

Total net profit=12,720.This shows that i will be in a position of repaying your loan without any problem.
I believe that through Zidisha's lending platform,i can be in a good position to buy the goods in bulky,since the commodity is scarce in my town and in return i will be selling to my customers in large quantities and at a relatively/reasonable price compared to my competitors around the town.Also i will maintain my add more new customers and maintain them with quality and cheap flour mill.

Loan Proposal

I humbly take this time to sincerely thank the entire Zidisha fraternity for this consideration.I want to thank also the lending team for making this Zidisha team a successful and a stronger family.For the loan that i am requesting from you i am planning to add three more dry maize,which i will grind them to make a corn flour.This will make my business to attract more customers as this commodity has been scarce in most of the shops within.I will order the three bags of 90 Kgs at a cost of 2,300 per bag totaling at Kshs.6,900.I will also add 50 kgs of rice which ranges at Kshs.2,100.Through the addition of this commodities in my store,i will make my daily sales to improve and also sell the commodity at a reasonable price to my customers.Through your kind support,i will make it.Thank you for now and be blessed.Welcome all the willing lenders.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jan 13, 2015

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Projected term

27 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $100.16 at 10.00% annual rate over 27 months = $23.06

Service fee: $7.86



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