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Comfort Ahiakonu

Accra, Ghana

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Comfort Ahiakonu

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January 2015

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About Me

I was born in 10 December 1940 so i am 70 years old, thank God for the gift of life. My childhood was fun as we now have an adage the good old days was spent in the village. i went through the old system walking miles before you could get to school and back . you have to help sell food staff to help your parent at that time after school and come back to help prepare the evening meal. This was a discipline that will later help me in my marriage life, i learnt how to bake bread and other pastries and and our favorite delicacy called in our local parlance ayigbe biscuit which when i came to the city i sold to make some money. i was later to marry to my late husband and i hard an opportunity to work with the Ghana armed forces as a civilian. when after the death of my husband the was no excitement in life, boredom could set in, But having learn t early in life that you are what you eat. i took interest in eating well and promoting good health among my peers and my son nelson help a lot in that area. i venture into food supplement and made some money in the field. i have 5 children , 3girls and two boys. the ladies wanted corporate work but the gentlemen wanted to be self employed. i remember how in the village every Saturday we the children in the community sit by a fire and the oldies will tell us beautiful stories that is always in line with teaching good morals. if the story turns to address your situation then we hoot at you to change your lifestyle. it was really fun

My Business

well, my business is in the wellness industry. having learnt earlier in life that your are what you eat i acquired a lot of information about our indigenous herbs and how it help the body. i retail wonderful product called Trevo which is a dietary liquid supplement. i choose this business because you just the tell good news about the product and recommend it, you are in business. very easy to do, no stress. you work at your own pace and also really benefited from this product that has 174 natural herbs, land and sea vegetables fruit essential vitamins, minerals high in anti-oxidant that is helping people. Basically i buy 3bottles for 517ghana cedis about $172 then you make $13 per each bottle sold, i basically reinvest and also for my two ground children staying with me.

Loan Proposal

The purpose of this loan is to buy more of the food supplement called Trevo, Which goes for $172 for 3 bottles . so when i buy the three bottles, each is sold for about $70 meaning i make $13 on each averaging $ 39 profit bearing exchange rate in mind.
Since am not able to buy in large quantity i sometimes do not meet demand when i need to supply, as i have to sometimes sell on credit so do not have enough money to keep stock, so getting this loan will enable me have few more stocks available to deliver when call upon to do so in order not to loose out on my customers.
Once i am able to do that my profit margin will also increase so then i can do fliers and more banners to advertise my product to more people and also will be able to better take care of my two grandchildren. I will therefore appreciate it a lot when my application is given the kindest consideration as i can not raise the additional fund to buy my stock





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jan 21, 2015

Repayment status


Projected term

10 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $106.33 at 2.49% annual rate over 10 months = $2.32

Service fee: $1.77




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