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Evans Okaalo

Elukanji Village, Kenya

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Evans Okaalo

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April 2014

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51 installments  •  8%

About Me

I am married and have 3 daughters of 9yrs,6yrs and 2yrs and am a 1st born in a family of 6.I am from khwisero district,kisa north location,mundobelwa sub-location,elukanji village and sub area of mulwashilongo where i plant vegetables and rear chicken in my land as well as repair electronics.I have diploma in electronics engineering and degree from kampala international university.My customers prefer my business as its relable and they know they get all year round supply of fresh vegetables with ease.i started the business because I wanted to have more income to take care of myself and my family.This follows the increase of essential commodities which prices have continued to go up drove me to the business as I knew I will be able to suppliment my income.From the earnings I get from the busines I do purchase my day to day commodities to use for both my family and .Normally I buy 2 weeks old chicks at a price of $1 per chick and then I keep them for about 4 months then i sell the chicken at either $5 and $6 depending with the weight.I use the earnings also to buy pesticides for my vegetables,i buy clothes,shoes,pay school fees,medical fees for my family.I pay rent of my business,pay motor bike rider who normally transport for me vegetables to the schools.My hobbies include reading the bible,magazines,journals,newspapers,travelling,listening to music,playing online games and mingling with friends.i also watch football especially EPL as i am a fan of chelsea.All these hobbies have made me use my free time well and learn a lot.With friends we do exchange views and ideas that are very much educative and makes me know how,what the world is up to.I do plan to open a hotel in mundobelwa trading centre and also it will have services of showing football as i want to buy Dstv which is the best to offer me their services.The same Dstv will also make me show movies which will help me get income from it.This will be an expansion of my business and if zidisha grant me the loan i will make use of it thoroughly.Already I have located the building for me to put this hotel and Dstv business and many people are suffering to travel about 5 kilometres to watch football at khwisero market.Now that means during this coming world cup i will show football get some good money which will help me to clear my zidisha loan if I am granted and apply for another one.People will now be cheering their favourite teams as they play games without fearing and considering the long distance they used to travel.My hotel will be proving even fast foods to customers which includes snacks,chicken,sodas,chips,buns,chapatis,tea,treated and bottled water and etc to the customers.This is because no hotel in the area is offering the same services so it means I will be the first one to start that business.I have a desire of buying plots and build houses for people to rent and now with zidisha loan am very much optimistic that I be able to make it.If zidisha approves to give me a loan I will do all the necessary efforts to repay it in time so that I can borrow more money for my projects and my dreams to be realized.

My Business

The loan is for me to put in my business directly and I will repay it from the revenue I generate from the business.There is enough demand for the goods and services because I do supply vegetables to mwihila secondary school amd mwihila girls secondary schoolWith the large number of students who eat greens every day both lunch time and during supper they make my vegetables have great demand.other customers are able to get fresh vegetables which again they resell to other people in the nearby trading centres.Also my vegetables are treated well agaist pesticides so that makes it easier to get enough demand.with chicken there are a lotof ceremonies and occassions all over and every weekend so many people come to me to buy the chicken to slaughter.Customers prefer my chicken as i do vaccinate them against diseases so even if a client want to go and rear it there is no worry of disease transmission to other flock.My vegetables are soft and well treated with no pests on them thus making it good for the school management to prefer me to be their supplier.Am also a reliable supplier given the fact thati supply on time and i am able to provide it throughout the year.I also sell the vegetables for $0.6 and its cheap to my customers as compared to my other competitors who sell the same between $0.65 and 0.7 beside me being a continual grower of the greens.I also sell vegetables to my competitors who go and repack them and sell to customers.Since i plant the vegetables on large scale it gives me enough to provide to customers and to the schools.The schools management want to be supplied all the year and the supplier to be reliabe and with these i get the market from them.With chicken its easy for the customers toget the right number of chicken they want ata low price than my competitors.Since i keep chicken on a large scale its much easy and cheap for anyone with guests to buy from me because my chicken are always vaccinated against different diseases that may affect them.Be it funerals,parties,weddings and other functions within the location and even in the district they would give me a chance to supply them with the chicken to serve the purpose.I normally sell the chicken between $5 and $6 while my other competitors sell them between $6 and $7 and it makes customers prefer me.If zidisha will fund me iI will put the money in the business in order to expand it as I have plans already of opening a hotel and also of buying dstv machine which will enable me generate more income especially during the world cup season.I have to repay the loan from the revenue I will gererate given that there are more other people who would wish to be funded like me so I have to do all the best to repay the loan.

Loan Proposal

I do appreciate the effort you made to me and i was able to meet my needs of supplying vegetables to the schools and now i do look forward to have my own laptop so that i can do other online jobs.I have been given the job of transcription which is well paying and because i do not have a laptop its quite tricky for me.The average laptop i do need is of $ 240 and that why i have to get it in order to do my writtings.Therefore i kindly request you to put me into consideration as far as this concern is concerned.This is because the laptop i was using got damaged to an extend of no repair.Beside this given that in kenya we are heading to october and the market for vegetables is extremely high i expect to make a good catch out of this move.I kindly and request lenders to stand by me so that i can fulfill my dreams coz with zidisha am very much okay and satisfied i will make it to the top.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Sep 9, 2014

Repayment status


Projected term

10 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $49.99 at 7.67% annual rate over 10 months = $3.39

Service fee: $1.60

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