Irrigation for my vegetables farm

Peprah Twumasi

Atebubu Amantin, Ghana

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Peprah Twumasi

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July 2015

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About Me

My name is Peprah Twumasi from a town called Amantin. I am a man of 27 years of age, i started my basic school at S.D.A basic school. After completing senior senior high i went to agricultural college at Kwadaso in the Ashante region of Ghana. I developed an interest in farming because i was raised in a farming community by my parents. The name of my parents are Mr. Peprah Frank and Mrs. Peprah Yaa. I have two sisters and one brother. It is my dream to become a great farmer in future, i have a vision to become a person who will help the young people who are interested in farming to realize their dreams. My hobbies are reading books and farming. i like fufu as my best food.

My Business

i have worked in my farm for about some years now, i developed interest in farming when i was in the senior high because my parents are all farmers. They trained me to become a farmer so i furthered my education to the Agricultural college at Kwadaso in the Ashante Region of Ghana. After completing school i started my farming, i grow crops like maize ,cocoyam,cassava, cabbage, green pepper, carrots etc. My crops are very important to the growth of the economy of Ghana. I sell my crops to local consumers and exporters to send them abroad to generate income for my nation Ghana. I have five laborers who helped me in planting and harvesting in my farm. I am able to produced enough crops for sale and it is my dream to improve my crops production so i usually go for agricultural courses to help update myself with new and modern ways of growing crops. I used profits from my work to support my family members in their education and also my employees' family. I also use part of my profit to reinvest in the farm work because i have a fertile farmland though i have work on it for some years.

Loan Proposal

Dear lenders i would like to thank you for the previous loan, it helped me much but in our community we depend very much on rains for our crop growth and the rain fall was very poor last growing season so we had to go far to fetch water to sprinkle on the crops. This made crops growth not encouraging and meteorogist suggest the same poor rainfall conditions will occur this year as a result i wish to construct pipe line to my farm from a distance of about 130 meters so that i can water my crops even when there are no rains. This will help me grow all season whether dry or rainy seasons. I will have to secure license from National water company to enable me connect to the water lines, this will cost $105, again i will buy 165 pieces of pipes which will cost $200 and the cost of plumbing work will be $120. i hope if i am able to do this i will grow crops all year and it will help increase my profit by 60%. Again it will help me to strengthen the support i give to my family and employees, also i will be able to repay my loan regularly and on time. Thank you lenders.





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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

May 28, 2016

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65 months

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Service fee: $11.27




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