Mamadou Sellou Barry
Dakar, Senegal
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This Loan
100% Repaid

Disbursed Amount: $998.95
Date Disbursed: Aug 2, 2011
Repayment Status: On Time
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 14 months
Cost of Loan: $81.35
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Cost of this loan

Lender Interest: $998.95 at 1.98% annual rate over 14 months = $23.08

Service Fee: $998.95 at 5% annual rate over 14 months = $58.27

Total Loan Cost:
$23.08 + $58.27 = $81.35

Cost paid to join Zidisha

Mamadou Sellou did not pay any cost to join Zidisha.

About Me

I am a university student studying accounting and finance, and at the same time I work for a charitable organization during vacations. The charitable organization helps disadvantaged children have access to education. Since I am the oldest in my family, I support my family as well. I have seven brothers. I own a taxi which allows me to support my family's needs as well as my own. The taxi is our only source of revenue because my father is only employed as a simple driver with a monthly revenue of 50,000 FCFA (USD 110) per month, and my mother does not work outside the home. I am applying for a loan because my own finances are limited: my aunt who is very dear to me paid for my education has had a serious accident and I paid for her medical care. Unfortunately the cost of her medical care drained my bank account, and I am left short of cash. My problem is that my taxi's motor needs to be replaced within fifteen days; otherwise I risk a serious breakdown. I have also paid for my studies with the money that I earn. Thank you for your kind understanding, as I cannot tell you everything unless I spend many days writing.

My Business

I have a transport business named Barry21, which earns revenue of 280,000 FCFA (USD 617) per month. I had been planning to buy a new car, before having this problem (i.e. breakdown of the current vehicle) because my goal is to build one of the biggest transport businesses in Dakar city, or even in all of Senegal.

Loan Proposal

I would like to use this loan to buy a new taxi, because with two vehicles it will be much easier for me to earn enough to make my loan repayment comfortably and I will thus not get in the way of others who need Zidisha in order to advance their businesses. I also thank those who placed their confidence in my for my first Zidisha loan. If I do not manage to post comments very often, it is because the electricity service is often down in Dakar at the moment. I count on you all in order to realize my dream. I am already halfway down the path to success, and in my eyes now all that is thanks to Zidisha and its partners. Thanks for everything.

About Me

je suis étudiant en comptabilité finance en même temps je travaille pour une association caritatif pendant les vacances son but est d’aidé les enfants défavoriser à bénéficier d'une éducation. Etant l’aîné de ma famille j'ai le charge de la famille sur les épaules j'ai 7 frères .je suis propriétaire d'un taxi qui me permet de faire face au besoin de ma famille et les miens c'set notre seul source de revenu car mon père n'est qu'un simple chauffeur avec un revenu mensuel de 50000fcfa .ma mère une femme au je consulte ce prêt c'est parce que mes finances ont eu des problèmes à cause d'une tante qui mes chers car c'est elle qui a payé tout mes études.elle a eu un accident très graves j’étais obligé de financer ces soins.mais malheureusement le coût de ses soins a vidé mon compte au point d'emporter mes amortissements.hélas je me retrouve les mains sec.mon problème est que on doit changer le moteur de ma voiture avant 15 jours .sinon on risque d'avoir des problèmes sé paie aussi mes études avec cet argent que je gagne.merci de bien vouloir me comprendre car je ne peux pas tout vous dire sinon je vais passer des journées à écrire.

My Business

en effet j'ai une société de transport dénommé Barry21 un revenu mensuel de 280000fcfa .je m’apprêtai à acheter une nouvelle voiture.avant d'avoir ce problème car mon objectif est d'obtenir l'un des plus grand entreprise de transport de Dakar voir le Sénégal.

Loan Proposal

je voudrai utiliser se pret pour acheter une nouvelle voiture car avec deux voitures il me sera beaucoup plus facile d'assurer mon rembourssement ainsi je ne retarderai pas les autres qui ont besoin de zidisha pour entammer leur projet .je remercie aussi ceux qui mon fait confiance lors de mon premire on me voit beaucoup pour faire des commentaires c'est que l'electricité nous fausse compagnie à dakar en ce moment .je compte sur vous pour realiser mon rever je suis amis chemain la reuissite est à mes yeux maintenant tout cela grace à zidisha et ses partenaires merci pour tout.

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  • TheMoonDuster     Feb 21, 2014


    Well done, all the best for the future!

  • Christian     Nov 15, 2012


    Paid in full, on time. Good job and good luck for the future.

  • melliecarma     Oct 24, 2012


    though i give you a neutral rating i'm aware that you faced some real challenges. i don't mind if repayments come a little late if you can give some good reasons for it which you supplied. so you're okay in my book + i wish you success in the future so you can build up your business as you envisioned it. thanks + congratulations on repaying your loan!

  • d     Oct 19, 2012


    Congratulations on repaying your loan!

  • CatholicNetworking     Mar 14, 2012


    That was quick!

  • Sideburnjack     Mar 5, 2012


    Paid the loan on time! Great Borrower!

  • Anninymouse     Aug 7, 2011


    Repaid his loan in full, very pleased, thanks


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Mamadou Sellou Barry
Dakar, Senegal

100% Repaid