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Ekirah Kariuki

Githurai, Kenya

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Ekirah Kariuki

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July 2014

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About Me

I have been born and raised up in a humble ground,a nuclear family of 6 dad,mum nd my 3brothers , i went to nearby primary school by the name kenyatta university primary school later class of 2004 and laterjoined mumbi high school class 0f 2007 later i joined kenya insitute of management wea i am to date, i got employed in 2010 whereby i decidedto start up a small bussiness of farming this i what keeps me going though with so much challanges in terms of capital and financing the business,the most unique thing about where i live is that people are mostly into farming to be specific they rare broilers.when am ready to settle as a wife i would like to have 3 children God willingly ,my hobby is simply travellin i would travel over and over again without tiring.

My Business

My business entails simply raring chicks to be specific day old chicks which i usually buy from ken chic i usually buy them as young as day old and take care of them accordingly untill the sale time.this is the most and one of the core business that one would ever have because mostly in nairobi people can not do without having thembecause in every hotel in town they must sell kuku and more so deep fried ones with chips.the reasons as to why i choose this business is because i found it amazing that my parents were able to bring us up comfortably using the income from the business.the typical cost incurred in these business is buying of feeds since they are usually very expensive and the revenues are incurred mostly when you are transporting them to town and you are caught by the city council reason being that you are nottransporting them accordingly.i use my profits to pay for my school fees and cater for my basic needs but mostly i would like to grow my business by expanding and also buying a car for doing the businessin and and out of town with much ease.inwould also like to buy a piece of land as future investment for i and my family to be.

Loan Proposal

Thanks alot zidisha for the great support that you have been offering me i will really appreciate given the loan as i will buy an extra 300 chicks @ksh60 and 10 feeds @ksh 3300 per bag to feed them and then take abit i.e.ksh 30,000of the cash to pay my school fees as i am a continuing bachelors of commerce student at the university of nairobi i will glad and humbled if fully funded thanks alot zidisha lenders.





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Classic Loan

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Sep 23, 2017

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On Time

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22 months

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Service fee: $33.15




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